Barry Meadow

Barry Meadow is a fixture in the world of professional gamblers, an entrepreneur and the author of several books regarding several different games. While he is a respected Blackjack player, he is perhaps best known for his knowledge of sports betting and horse racing.

Meadow is known for having a witty writing style. One of his books, published in 1999, told the story of a statewide Nevada Blackjack tour and is popular for his retellings of his adventures at the table.

Meadow's fame, however, is mostly rooted in his position as a recognized authority in the world of horse race betting. He has published several books on the subject, all highly-regarded. His books detail every aspect of the sport, from picking winners, to understanding the sometimes arcane rules of the game, to how to get free perks.

Meadow owns his own publishing company. He is also the founder of Master Win Ratings, a firm that maintains rankings and histories of California racehorses. His writing skills span outside the world of gambling, as well.

He has worked as a writer for television and has performed his own stand-up comedy act in California. Meadow is also an accomplished tennis player, having participated in the professional leagues in India.

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Meadow is most regarded for his ability to produce books that not only give insider information on the particulars of betting and gambling, but for his ability to pepper such tomes with engaging stories and very useful information for gamblers of all levels. His career on writing over the subject of gambling spans over 30 years of books and magazine articles. He also publishes his own newsletter which contains writing on the subject of harness racing.

Recently, Barry Meadow has been featured on televised Blackjack tournaments. Though tournament play is something with which he is associated, he has also branched into the field of the new gambling options offered by technology and the Internet.

As Internet casinos have grown, professional gamblers have begun to assess them for their being reputable or not, the odds enjoyed by the players or the house and other critical information. Meadow published a book on the subject which informs online gamblers in vital aspects of online gaming such as spotting scam sites and how to handle one's money. Being Barry Meadow, he also included detailed information on how players can go about earning comp points with the various online establishments.

The game of Pick 6 is widely held to be one of the most challenging games offered by betting establishments. Meadow wrote over this subject, as well, offering strategies and the basic ground rules of the game. As part of the research for this book, he visited every facility in Nevada that offers Pick 6 wagering to determine which offered the most to their clientele.

For those seeking to make gambling, especially on horse racing, a full time career, Meadow is generally held to be the authority in the field. His Blackjack writings are equally useful, and entertaining.