Learn Bonus Blackjack

Bonus Blackjack is a popular game that provides a slight variation on traditional blackjack rules and winnings.  It is called Bonus Blackjack because players have the option to place bonus bets that exponentially increase winnings when they are dealt specific combinations of two different cards.

These bonuses and the option to place the bonus bet are based specifically on only the first two cards dealt to any one player.  Whether you are a novice or seasoned player, these combinations are easy to recognize and take advantage of.

The first bonus combination is the ace of spades and jack of spades.  If a bonus bet is placed and you are dealt these two cards, the payout is 50:1.  Another bonus combination would be any ace and jack of the same suit, and this payout is 25:1.  This final opportunity for a bonus combination is any two cards from the same suit, and the payout is 5:2.

Players of Bonus Blackjack must remember that only the first two cards dealt to them may count toward the bonus awards and combinations.  For example, if the first two cards dealt to a player are the queen of hearts and the 2 of hearts, the player qualifies for the 5:2 payout because these are of the same suit.  If the player’s third card is the 7 of hearts, this fact is irrelevant in Bonus Blackjack.

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Bonuses are also completely separate from the actual blackjack game.  Any player may qualify for bonuses but lose the blackjack game, and vice versa.  The standard blackjack rules still apply to Bonus Blackjack, including that any two cards totaling 21 is a blackjack and pays 3:2.

Placing a bonus bet is always optional, though it is the entire point to playing Bonus Blackjack.  Players must place their bonus bet prior to the dealing of cards, and this bonus bet can significantly increase your winnings.  For example, a $25 bonus bet would pay out $1,250, or 50:1, if your first two cards are the ace of hearts and the jack of hearts.

Rules of Bonus Blackjack are the same as traditional blackjack outside of the bonus betting and payouts.  Two regular decks are used, and a dealer must reach a soft 17 total.  A player may double down after any split or on any two cards, and may split up to three times.

A pair of cards where each holds a value of ten may be split, and aces may only be split one time.  No options to surrender are available when playing Bonus Blackjack.  Players must also remember the universal rule that a split ace and a ten card are always considered a 21, but never a blackjack.

Basic strategies used in Bonus Blackjack are also similar to those used in regular blackjack games.  It is suggested that a player become very familiar with blackjack rules and playing strategies before attempting to add the bonus options of Bonus Blackjack.  After mastering your strategies, playing Bonus Blackjack will greatly increase your winnings when placing bonus bets and using sound playing methods.