Brian Zembric

In the colorful world of professional gamblers, Brian Zembric still manages to stand head and shoulders above the rest where antics are concerned. The man is famous, or infamous, for being willing to take on nearly any wager, no matter how absurd, and to generally come away with winnings in his pocket. He epitomizes the image of the gambler who is thrilled by the prospect of winning a bet while harboring little regard for what winning that bet might entail.

Zembric, as far as casino gaming is concerned, is regarded as a skilled player, particularly at the games of Blackjack and backgammon. The wager which garnered him the most fame, however, was not paid out due to his skill at a Blackjack table but rather for his willingness to appear on a surgeon's table.

Conversing with a friend about some women's willingness to undergo surgery to increase their breast size and, thus, attract more potential mates, Zembric remarked that he didn’t think getting breast implants would be such a bad idea. Zembric's odd future was fixed as soon as a friend asked if Zembric was willing to put his money where his mouth was and get breast implants himself with $100,000 riding on his willingness to do so, and wear them for a year.

The bet was shelved for a long time. Zembric ran into a streak of bad luck, not at the gambling house but on the stock market and immediately recalled that there was $100,000 waiting for him were he willing to go through with the breast implant surgery. His cohort initially made an effort to call the bet off but, after consulting with some fellow professional gamblers, it was universally decided that the bet was viable.

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Zembric headed to the surgeon's office where he endeavored to satisfy the terms of the wager, getting implants that were a minimum of 37 C in size. Zembric didn't want to pay for the surgery himself—the bill weighed in at a hefty $4,700—so he managed to persuade the doctor to play backgammon with the stakes being the surgery. Zembric, exhibiting his typical luck with bets, won the bet and got the surgery done for free.

For the next 16 months, though the bet only stipulated 12 months, Zembric kept the breast implants. He claimed that they didn't diminish his luck with the opposite sex and that, in some cases, women seemed to find his augmented chest attractive.

He appeared on television shows, netting another $100,000 for his trouble on top of the sum awarded for winning the bet. Though the breast implant bet may seem crazy, it is not the only absurd wager Zembric has taken. He once agreed to live in a bathroom for four months for the sum of $14,000. He was bought out of the wager by concerned friends.

Zembric's reputation as a professional gambler is largely propagated on his antics and his embodying the spirit of being an adventurer when it comes to taking wagers.