Double Exposure Blackjack - Rules and How to Play

Double Exposure Blackjack is a variation on standard blackjack where the dealer’s cards are facing up at the start of a game.  This is an extremely helpful tool for a player when determining how he should play his hand and place his bets.  Double Exposure Blackjack is mostly different from regular blackjack due to this change, in addition to other rules which favor the dealer.

This version of blackjack may also be referred to as Dealer Disclosure or Face-Up 21, depending upon where it is played.  When deciding whether to stand, hit, double down or split, this version of blackjack gives the player a great advantage in his playing strategy.

If a tie is reached in Double Exposure Blackjack, the rules do differ from those of regular blackjack.  In traditional blackjack, a player will be able to retrieve his bet without winning in the event of a tie.  You may know this rule as a “push”. 

However, Double Exposure allows the dealer to win in all tie situations except that of more than one blackjack.  Also, on a blackjack hand, a player only receives even money versus the standard payout of 3:2.

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Eight decks of cards are used when playing Double Exposure, and aces may be attributed with either a value of 1 or 11.  Dealers must reach a soft 17 and win all ties except in the case of a blackjack tie, where the player is allowed to win.

Players are able to double down on 9, 10, and 11, and after a split.  In total, three splits are allowed to form up to four hands for each player.  Any card with a value of ten can be split, and aces may be split more than once.

Double Exposure Blackjack presents a perfect opportunity to hone your card playing skills, as strategies required are much different than those used in traditional blackjack.  This is largely due to the fact that the players are able to see the first two dealer cards, and any tie other than a blackjack is won by the dealer.

Bob Stupak, owner of Vegas World casino, invented this version of blackjack in 1979.  Since then, it has become a popular game both in the live casinos and online, giving gambling and card aficionados plenty of opportunity to master the new rules and strategies.

It is suggested that new card players master strategies required in standard blackjack before learning how to play Double Exposure.  Betting strategies and basic rules will differ between the two games, and mastering these in standard blackjack can pave the way to larger winnings when playing Double exposure.

Whether you are a novice or consider yourself an expert player, Double Exposure presents great advantages to both the player and dealer in different situations.  Weighing the risks of pursuing a hand which can result in a tie other than a blackjack offers a great opportunity to develop new strategies and personal playing rules.  Variations in Double Exposure which allow players to see the dealer’s first two cards also offers an advantage when determining what action to take with your hand.