How to Play Double Blackjack

Double Blackjack, or Double Attack Blackjack, is considered a sub-variation of standard blackjack, and originates from Spanish Blackjack.  In Double Blackjack, the 10s are removed from the playing deck, just as in the case of Spanish Blackjack.  This 48-deck is referred to as a “Spanish shoe” due to this fact.

Double Blackjack is played with either six or eight Spanish shoes, but point values of the cards are the same as in standard blackjack.  The main goal of the game remains the same as well: to reach a total score of 21 in a hand without “busting” and going over this value.

The name for Double Attack Blackjack is due to the presence of an optional side bet that a player may make in this version.  This optional and additional bet is called the “Bust It” bet, and bets that the dealer will bust within three cards dealt.  The “Bust It” bet is placed by players after they have viewed the dealer’s up card.

The most interesting thing about this side bet is that when it is won, the payout depends upon the value of the third card in the dealer’s hand.  For example, when a dealer busts on a third card that is a jack, the payout is 3:1.  When the third card is a 9, payouts equal 6:1, and when it is an 8 the payout is 8:1.

If the dealer’s third and bust card is a 7, the player receives a payout of 10:1.  However, the highest payout on this additional side bet occurs when the third card is a 6; this results in a payout of 15:1.

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Players must remember that these payouts only affect the optional side bet used in Double Blackjack.  Other small changes in bonuses available to players can also increase winning potential and monies.

An example of this is in the case of a dealer going bust after receiving two 8s in a row.  When this happens, the resulting payout depends on whether the two 8s are of the same or different suits, as well as whether they are the same color.

When these two 8s are the same color, payouts are 50:1.  When they are of the same suit, this payout increases dramatically to 200:1.  However, if they are different colors, there is no additional payout.

Removing the 10s from the playing decks in Double Blackjack changes a player’s odds dramatically, and requires alternate playing strategies.  Standard strategies are not applicable in this game because a basic blackjack is no longer valid or possible.

However, the massive payouts possible when placing the additional bet in Double Blackjack make it one of the most profitable forms of blackjack when played correctly.  Altering strategies to account for these variables can enable anyone to win and increase profits.

Double Blackjack can be played and mastered by novices and advanced players, but it is suggested that the player be very familiar with standard blackjack first.  Seasoned players can advance their knowledge base of different forms of blackjack and continue to challenge their abilities by learning Double Blackjack.