Elimination Blackjack - Tournament Style Blackjack

Are you a blackjack junkie, and can’t seem to get enough of the game?  If so, Elimination Blackjack may fulfill your need for ongoing playing options. 

This game is frequently featured on televised card tournaments, and is quite popular in both live and online casinos.  This tournament-style variation of blackjack allows players to stay in the game until they are eliminated by the dealer.

Rounds in Elimination Blackjack consist of 30 total hands played, and $25,000 is typically the maximum bet in earlier rounds.  Minimum bets are set at $500, and minimum bets in the final round are $1,000.  All players are given the same amount of chips to start with in each round.

This game is played at a very fast pace, and is not for the novice beginner.  Players only have 25 seconds to decide what their next move will be.  However, elimination hands only allow 10 seconds to make a decision. 

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If a player does not place his or her bet within this time period, their bet will automatically be set at the current minimum.  Also, if the decision to hit or stand is not made in this time, their hand will automatically stand.

There are two ways in which a player may be eliminated from this game.  He or she may lose all of their chips, or they may have the fewest chips left at the end of an elimination hand. 

“Elimination hands” are those numbered 8, 16 or 25.  At the end of 30 hands, the player left with the most chips wins the Elimination Blackjack tournament.

When playing Elimination Blackjack, it is important to note that six standard decks are used, and many standard blackjack rules apply to the tournament.  However, there is an added element of a secret bet in this form of the game.

Each round of Elimination Blackjack consists of 30 hands.  A secret bet is allowed each player in each round, and can be made at any time they choose.

Other players cannot see this bet until the hand is finished, making it a critical tool when playing during an elimination hand.  Much like poker games, this secret bet may be used to bluff during these hands.

After placing a secret bet, decisions other than hitting or splitting made during that hand are secretive as well.  This leaves other players guessing at what any other player is actually doing.  However, it takes great skill to determine the best time and method in which to use the secret bet, since it may only be used once every 30 hands.

After hands 8, 16 and 25 are played, the player left with the fewest chips is eliminated.  When there is a tie in this situation, the tied players engage in a playoff.

This playoff contains as many hands as there are tied players.  If a tie still remains at the end of the playoff, another one may be held.  Players may not gain or lose chips during a playoff, and the round resumes after a definite winner is chosen at the end of a playoff.