Etiquette in Blackjack

Part of the fun of playing Blackjack is learning some of the customary forms of etiquette of the game. Some of these are fairly basic, good manners concerns and others are specific to the game and game play.

Basic Blackjack Etiquette

Assume players involved in a game at a table you approach are concentrating. When you approach the table, don't barge in on an ongoing game and don't immediately start chatting up players other than offering a simple hello. Make sure to wait for the hand in play to be cleared before taking your seat. The dealer will gently remind you if you happen to sit down inappropriately during an ongoing hand.

If you choose to drink at the blackjack table it is wise to respect the other players around you. Avoid drinking excessively, and be careful not to spill your drink on teh table. You don't want to be "that guy". Drink responsibly and you might also avoid any bad decisions that usually come with excessive drinking.

If you're very much a beginner, try to find an empty table. Part of any Dealer's job is to bring new customers into the casino. They'll gladly help you learn the game if you're the only one to whom they have to attend. You can feel good about trusting the dealers; they're not there to rip you off and they want you to come back. If there are other people at the table, however, don't disrupt the game play with questions.

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Blackjack Manners

The signs and signals used to indicate your wishes relative to playing your hand vary depending on whether you're playing a face up or face down game. If you're in a face-up game and you want another card, point at your cards. You can also say "hit me" if you want. If you don't want any cards added to your hand, simply wave your hand over the face of them to indicate "no" when asked. The classy way to do this is palm down. It's generally considered rude to thrust one's hand, palm outward, to a dealer just as it is to any other person.

In a face-down game, the signs are a bit different. To indicate that you'd like to be hit with another card, scrape the table with your cards. To indicate that you're done and want to stay with your existing hand, place your cards underneath your chips. Watch players play a couple of hands to get the hang of it.

In Blackjack, one may split or double-down on bets in some circumstances. In these cases, place your bet next to your original bet in a face-up game or lay your cards down, with their faces up on the table and place your second bet in the case of a face down game.

To tip your dealer, make a bet for them by placing chips forward of your betting circle. It's classy and will be much appreciated by the dealer.