High Streak Blackjack - How to Play

High Streak Blackjack, also called High Streak European Blackjack Gold, is perhaps the newest version of blackjack played in live and online casinos.  The biggest difference in this version is the addition of the “high streak” side bets which offers bigger jackpots when on a winning streak.

When a game of High Streak Blackjack begins, players may place an optional “high streak” side bet.  Players that win more than one hand successfully will see their bets move to areas designated for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th streak wins.

The basic strategy in High Streak Blackjack is still the same; players attempt to beat the dealer’s hand without “busting” and going over a total value of 21.  The same rules also apply in this game.

When a player gets a blackjack, this hand will pay 3:2.  The dealer must stand on all 17s, and doubling down may only be permitted on a 9, 10 or 11.

Splitting is also allowed only one time and cannot take place on cards with a value of 10 when they are unlike.  After splitting, doubling down is also not allowed.  Surrendering, or “folding”, is not allowed, and insurance pays 2:1.

The optional side bet is what really sets this game apart and allow for exponentially higher winnings, making this version much more exciting.  As a player continues to win hand after hand, this side bet jackpot becomes larger with each successive win.  When placing this high streak side bet, it may be the same, higher, or lower than a player’s regular bet in High Streak Blackjack.

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When a player wins a hand in High Streak Blackjack, there are a few different things that happen to increase his or her winnings.  First, the regular blackjack bet is won, just like the standard game.  This is typically either a 3:2 payout for a blackjack, or a 1:1 payout for any other win.

However, additional money is won in the high streak side bet.  This payout continues to grow as a player’s winning streak goes on. 

For example, the 2nd streak bet pays 1:1, the 3rd streak bet pays out 2:1, the 4th streak bet pays 5:1, and the 5th streak bet pays 10:1.  As a player wins each hand and thus the high streak side bet, the jackpot moves to the next streak and becomes eligible for the next higher payout.

With each hand, a player places his or her regular bet and an additional, high streak side bet.  As a player wins, these bets may be different with each hand.

Any blackjack player loves the experience of a winning streak and growing jackpots in the game.  This version, High Streak Blackjack, allows for greater rewards when this happens, and significantly increases potential winnings for a lucky player.

High Streak Blackjack may be played in a live or online casino, and most rules are the same as the standard game.  However, reviewing betting strategy used may increase the positive experience of any player in this version of the game.