James Grosjean

Like many professional gamblers, James Grosjean has a background in mathematical science. In his case, the science is economics. He is also an accomplished author and considered one of the authorities on the art and science of card counting. He is a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and the bane of several well-known casinos. He is also widely-regarded as a modern-day hero among professional gamblers as his legal battles brought about the demise of an investigations firm that was universally detested among the professional gambling community.

Grosjean is held in high regard for his brilliance at mathematics. Using these abilities to his advantage, he was labeled as a "cheater" by a firm that specialized in identifying cheaters, advantage players and other individuals that casinos generally seek to exclude from their tables. Grosjean was singled out and excluded from a popular casino but wasn't inclined to take the slight laying down. He filed suit and won, his judgment bankrupting the firm which had labeled him as a cheater. It marked the end of a firm universally hated by professional gamblers and a huge victory for skilled players.

Another suit saw Grosjean taking on the casinos directly, this time for cause of having been physically harassed and detained by guards after he was asked, and attempted, to leave the premises. He argued that the guards had physically prevented him from egress and, thus, unlawfully detained him in the process. This proved to be another bet he would win, receiving almost $400,000 in damages and again scoring a victory for professional gamblers.

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Unfortunately, the legal proceedings have tended to overshadow Grosjean's immense skill at Blackjack strategies. His analysis are remarkable for their mathematical complexity. When the truly heady players look for ways to increase their winnings, Grosjean's books are usually at the top of their lists. His analysis extends far beyond simple counting to team play and understanding dealers. It is for his work at the mathematics of gambling that he was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame, though he does receive much admiration for having effectively dispensed with the hated investigations firm that labeled him a cheater, as well.

Grosjean has also expanded his writing to the field of video gambling. His most popular book is regarded as an authority on the subject and has become a very sought-after tome with those seeking to understand and improve their odds in the age of online casinos and Blackjack.

As is the case for many gamblers who have run afoul of the casinos, Grosjean has managed to continue making appearances at their tables. Disguised professional gamblers are a frequent feature of casinos and Grosjean can oftentimes be found among their number. He travels the world seeking games and new places in which to play them.

Grosjean has been featured on televised Blackjack tournaments. He has competed against some of the best players in his career and his agile mind has oftentimes proved the edge that allowed him to beat his competition.