Jimmy Pine

Jimmy Pine, aka Young Jimmy Dime, is a colorful character on the contemporary Blackjack scene. He has been featured on television programs and has enjoyed large winnings at several tournaments. He is also known as a master at the art of card counting, something which has made him rather unpopular with certain casinos.

Pine lives in Rhode Island and generally gambles on the East Coast. Las Vegas generally doesn't afford him a very warm welcome and he's typically not allowed to take a seat at many of the casinos in that city. His incredible abilities at counting cards may have garnered him many admirers, but Las Vegas casinos have little patience for those skilled at reading the favorability of their decks.

Pine's less-than-warm welcome at Las Vegas casinos—except during tournaments, of course—stems from his skill. He has won as much as $100,000 in a single tournament. He is very much a professional gambler in the classic sense, having no other employment and enjoying a very lucrative lifestyle.

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As Pine has become somewhat infamous with some casinos, he has also garnered a reputation as a genuine lover of the game and not a bit conceited. In fact, he has a reputation for enjoying watching other players win and for shouting out some characteristic phrases when the event occurs, the most famous of those phrases being "Pay the Little Man!".

To make Pine even more memorable, he bears a striking resemblance to famous singer Tom Jones, is a singer himself, and has a very flamboyant and enthusiastic game play style. This has made him a natural where the popular television shows featuring card games are concerned. Despite the typical cold shoulder he may receive, the Las Vegas casinos don't hesitate to open their doors to him when one of the televised tournaments is being played.

Pine's situation with casinos in Las Vegas is illustrative of the fact that the controversy surrounding advantage play techniques is alive and well in the gambling industry. While the casinos in Atlantic City are bound by law to allow skilled players a place at their tables, Las Vega's casinos are given liberty to remove any patron for any reason they see fit. In Pine's case, his propensity to win and win big has made him subject to such removal.

For those who cannot make it to the East Coast, Young Jimmy Dime can be found participating in televised Blackjack tournaments where his style and presence makes him a popular feature. He has participated in several such TV tournaments and remains active in the tournament circuit around the country. Though his reputation as a card counting genius may bar him from some casinos, his presence at the table is always a guaranteed way to add some spice to a tournament and to pull in the ratings for television shows. Among the world of professional gamblers, Pine represents both the skill and personality that has made such individuals famous and allowed them to enjoy not-too-little celebrity.