Joe Pane

Currently one of the most well-known and accomplished Blackjack players in the world, Joe Pane is a former police officer who recently has said he feels as if he's been treated as a criminal. His being featured on a popular television show about card tournaments has, according to Pane, resulted in him being barred from several Las Vegas casinos.

Pane, aside from his skill at tournament play, is very respected for his ability to articulate strategies to players at all levels. His advice is considered to be among the best a player can heed. Pane's tournament skills define him as not only talented at playing against the house but at competing against other players. He appears on a radio show dedicated to the game on which he gives players advice. He also writes for industry publications.

While some players are known for their card counting skills, Pane is also known and respected for his chip counting skills. He has an uncanny ability to know how much to bet on a tournament hand to ensure that he remains in the lead. His ability to work the last hands of a tournament to his advantage is something for which he is widely admired by his peers in the world of professional gambling.

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Pane's career as a police officer began in 1974 and ended prematurely in 2000, when a work-related injury forced him into early retirement. He moved to Las Vegas soon afterward to be close to the casinos and the tournaments in which he has garnered much fame after having tired of making constant back and forth trips between Nevada and New York. His total winnings at tournaments to date is roughly $500,000. His largest one tournament win was just over $100,000 at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas. He took second place in his first tournament, played in 1987 which laid the foundation for his career as a professional gambler.

Like many professional gamblers, Pane has found himself at odds with several Las Vegas gambling establishments which hold him to be an advantage player; specifically, a card counter. In interviews, he has largely placed the blame on being unfairly portrayed in a television show as a cheat and as an interloper during a tournament. Pane was already an accomplished tournament player at the time the show was shot.

Other television shows on which Pane has appeared have proven more advantageous to the player and his media fame has kept him alive and active in the professional Blackjack circuit. Among tournament players, Pane is generally held to be at the highest level of play and one of the most formidable opponents anyone could hope to meet at the table. He is also known for having a quick wit and his casual chat with other players during televised tournaments has added to the character of the shows. While some casinos may have barred him, he remains a favorite of fans of the game. His Las Vegas radio show also enjoys much popularity.