Ken Smith

Ken Smith has been playing the Blackjack tournament circuit since 1994. He is considered an accomplished player and, in the short time he has been active in the circuit, has garnered over 30 first place finishes in tournament play. He also runs an extensive website that offers strategy guides, general information and biographical information on Smith himself.

Smith's roots in the game start when Blackjack became legal in his native Missouri in 1994. He had always fostered something of an interest in the game, but his interest didn't manifest into a viable career until he participated in his first tournament, held that same year. He came away with the desire to participate in more tournaments and set out across the country to gamble wherever he could. His skills soon made him a card player of some note and he was on his way to becoming a world-class tournament Blackjack participant.

Smith is not only known for his abilities at tournament play, but for his abilities as a writer. His written insight into the game has been featured in magazines and online and are considered among the best information available for those wanting to learn more about, or refine their skills at, tournament play.

Smith is also known for his television appearances. He appeared in two televised tournaments in 2004 and 2005. Neither tournament went well for Smith, however, and each saw him knocked out of play before the finals after having been dealt a bad hand. Smith's winning streak may not have extended to television, but his being invited to tournaments of such caliber is a testament to his abilities and his winnings on the off the air tournament circuit.

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Smith has expanded his interest in the game to publishing and web development. His work includes writing on the subject of Blackjack along with other games of chance, all of which are considered excellent resources. His work is available in magazines, e-books, printed books and many other venues. While much of it is geared toward beginning players, there is much to be found for more advanced, and even professional, players, as well; for both tournament and regular players. His company also works on gambling software.

Ken Smith advocates Blackjack as one of the best ways to participate in casino gambling, based on the odds being more favorable than they are in other games. His insights include ways to play the game to the player's advantage to increase those odds further. Where tournament style play is concerned, when the player's competition is not just the house but other players as well, his advice is regarded as equally valuable.

Smith, though definitely among the best of the current tournament players, leads a somewhat quieter life than one might expect. He continues to reside in Missouri and travel to Las Vegas for tournaments as opposed to living there full time, as have many of his peers. Aside from his interest in Blackjack, he is an avid astronomer and a classical guitar player.