Sam Vaughn

Sam Vaughn is one of the world's most well-known Blackjack players. His story is the dream of many of those who wish to become professional gamblers. Coming from humble, working class beginnings, Vaughn has managed to make himself a millionaire by way of his gambling skills. He is still an active player.

Vaughn began his odyssey as a professional gambler in Las Vegas. He would commute from his home in Phoenix, Arizona, where he worked for the US Postal Service. At the time, he relied on his beat-up van not only for transportation, but often for lodging on his trips, as well. His first game of choice was not Blackjack, but Craps.

Vaughn established himself as a regular at the Craps tournaments in Las Vegas. He was an active participant in many of the tournaments throughout the 1980's. As Craps tournaments went out of fashion, he moved toward Blackjack as his new game of choice.

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Vaughn showed an ability for the game from the start. He played his first Blackjack tournament in 1989 and walked away with the tidy sum of $50,000. That first tournament win set him on a lifelong path that would end up with him becoming a regular feature, and winner, at many Blackjack tournaments.

After retiring from his Post Office career in 1992, Vaughn moved to Las Vegas and moved fully into life as a professional Blackjack player. The move proved to be a very lucrative one for the ex-Postal worker, with his 1990 winnings totaling over 1 million dollars.

Vaughn's tournament wins have become more prestigious, and more lucrative, as time as gone on. Two tournaments alone in 2004 brought him $65,000 in winnings. For Vaughn, however, the year's winnings were not totaled out yet; not by a long shot. Las Vegas was gearing up for one of its most prestigious tournaments.

He entered the Las Vegas Hilton Million Dollar III Blackjack Tournament. This tournament is one of the highest of the high-roller tournaments, with a $100 minimum bet on every hand and a ceiling of $2,500 bet for any player. Vaughn ended up winning the tournament, walking away with $1,000,000 in prize money. To make the win sweeter, Vaughn's winning hand was 18 to the dealer's hand of 17.

Vaughn continues to be one of the most highly-regarded, and winning, players at the tables. Over the course of his career in Blackjack, he has participated in over 100 tournaments and brought home nearly $3 million in prizes. Combined with his prior success at the Craps tables, Vaughn has a career that most gamblers very much envy. A dedicated student of the art of gaming, Vaughn believes tournament play and paying attention to skilled players is one of the surest routes to success at the tables.

Vaughn's success at the Blackjack tables, no doubt, stems somewhat from his experience with Craps. Vaughn is known for knowing how to handle his chips, how to place an intelligent bet and how to manage his winnings.