Superfun 21 Blackjack

Blackjack is an extremely popular card game in live and online casinos, and continues to grow in variations and differing strategies.  Superfun 21 Blackjack is one of these variations, and continues to rise in popularity among players of all skill and experience levels.

The basic, bare-bones rules of Superfun 21 are just the same as those of regular blackjack.  However, many differences exist in the methods, foundation and options within Superfun 21 that make it such an interesting twist on traditional blackjack.

Superfun 21 is played with only one deck of regular cards, which effectively alters a player’s odds, as only one of each card will be dealt.  Players begin by placing their bets, and then are dealt two cards face up.

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The dealer is given two cards: a hole card, and a card facing up.  Dealers in Superfun 21 are allowed to look at their hole card if the card facing up is an ace or holds a value of 10.  Dealers must also reach soft 17, as with standard blackjack games.

Players in Superfun 21 are able to split their hand up to three times, and can double down after splitting.  Cards with a value of 10, even if they are not the same, may also be split, and aces may be split more than once.

Superfun 21 Blackjack also imposes the ‘surrender rule’.  This means than any player may fold and end his play by forfeiting half of his bet.  Most players will take advantage of this rule when they feel they have no or little chance of winning, which allows for only half of the bet to be lost versus all of it.

Now that the similarities between traditional blackjack and Superfun 21 have been discussed, let’s look at the differences between the two.  The first difference is that Superfun 21 players with a hand of at least six cards that totals less than 20 will always win.  This situation also wins against a dealer blackjack, unless the player has doubled down.

Hands with at least five cards will pay 2:1 if the group totals a count of 21.  In addition, a ‘diamond blackjack’, or blackjack in which all cards are within the suit of diamonds, also pays 2:1. 

To counteract the large and multiple payouts in Superfun 21 Blackjack, a blackjack that is not classified as a ‘diamond blackjack’ only pays even money.  This is different than the standard 3:2 pay out of a regular blackjack game in the same situation.

Superfun 21 provides a great variation to standard blackjack, and can be fun for beginning or advanced players.  It is advised that beginners first master standard blackjack rules and strategies before studying and practicing Superfun 21 strategies.

Learning new types of card games and expanding your knowledge of variations on your favorite games allows for new opportunities to win and increase your level of expertise.  Superfun 21 Blackjack offers a fun alternative to standard blackjack when players feel the need for a new challenge.