Blackjack Switch

In standard blackjack games, switching cards between hands to advance the status of a player’s chances of winning is considered outright cheating.  However, Blackjack Switch allows this action, and is a very popular game in online casinos.

The biggest rule in Blackjack Switch is that two bets of the same value must first be made, then the player may switch the second cards dealt to each of his or her hands.  There are, however, advantages built in to this game for the house as well.

A dealer in Blackjack Switch can reach a total of 22 without busting.  This means that a dealer’s 22 results in a “push” and blackjacks only pay out even.

For example, if a player is dealt a 4 and a jack in one hand and a 10 and a 5 in another, the jack and the 5 may be switched to total 20 in the second.  This creates a much better playing position versus a 14 and a 15 hand.

In order to give the house an advantage, there are some other rules which must be adhered to also.  Blackjack Switch allows the dealer to reach a total value of 22 without busting, and if this happens then all bets are pushed. 

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The only exception to this rule is when a player gets a blackjack and wins the hand.  However, a 22 for the player results in a bust and he or she loses the hand.

Payouts are very much the same in Blackjack Switch versus standard blackjack.  A total of 6 standard decks are used in this version of the game, but there are some other additional rules which set it apart.

The first difference is that a payout for a blackjack hand is only 1:1, versus the standard 3:2.  This is mostly due to the fact that switching hands can greatly increase the chances of winning a hand.

Rules similar to standard blackjack include that the dealer must reach a soft 17, and splitting and doubling down is permitted.  Splitting is only allowed one time, and players can double down after a split.

Another unique feature of Blackjack Switch is that a side bet is played, which is called a “Super Match”.  These side bets are placed prior to dealing the cards, and allows for additional winning opportunities outside of the blackjack game.

The Super Match side bet will pay 1:1 when a player is dealt a pair, and 8:1 in the case of two pairs.  The largest payout from the Super Match is 40:1 when four of a kind are dealt to a player.  However, these winning combinations must be dealt within the first four cards of any hand.

Super Match side bet winnings are completely separate from the blackjack wins.  A player may or may not win both pots, but the Super Match gives him or her additional chances to increase winnings.

It is suggested that players considering Blackjack Switch study strategies to learn of when switching cards is most advantageous, as this presents very different results when compared to normal blackjack rules