Learn to Play Craps

Craps is one of the most common casino games, and has been around for hundreds of years. The form most people are familiar with is bank craps. This is the form of craps that is played against a bank or casino. In this game there is a shooter, and everyone else who is playing makes bets on the shooter's rolls.

At first glance, the craps table may seem intimidating. There are so many different lines and boxes, the amount of different bets on the table after the point has been set can seem like total chaos. Truth be told, craps is a fun and easy game. Once you understand the basic concept of betting on the pass line the game becomes much easier to understand.

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For me craps is the most enjoyable when it is played with friends. Nothing beats the excitement of playing craps at the casino with a group of friends and having the table get hot resulting in everyone winning.

In the section below I have written some articles that will teach you to play craps the smartest way possible. Lack of knowledge on the game of craps is a quick way to minimizing your profits and not making the most of your bets.

Craps Guide

Reading all of the above mentioned articles should give you a good grasp on the game of craps. Good luck! If you read all of the above articles and still want more, then check out this page that will teach you more on how to play craps.