Craps Etiquette - Know How to Act at the Craps Table

Having fun at the craps table requires an understanding of several things.  You need to know what bets are available, which bets are placed at which times, who the casino employees are around the table, the rules of the game and basic craps etiquette.  Craps etiquette dictates player behavior at the table, how they interact with the dealers and other employees and even other players around the table. Understanding what is proper etiquette will help you enjoy your gambling experience fully and will help you ensure the game runs smoothly.

For instance, you should never hand the dealer cash or chips; they are forbidden to take either from a bettor.  Place your cash on the table, in the playing field and ask for change if necessary.  The dealer will give you change and provide you with chips. Just tell the dealer where you would like to place the chips and they will do so.  In addition, try to place your wagers before the shooter has been handed the dice.  Wagering while a shooter is playing is considered bad form in many casinos.

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You are allowed to make several types of bets yourself.  Pass and Don't Pass bets, odds bets to back those bets and even Come bets can be made by the player.  All you need to do is place your chips in the appropriate area of the playing field.  Field bets can be placed by the player, as well.  Simply place the chips in the correct spot.

Other types of bets will require the assistance of the dealer.  However, all a player must do is to place the chips on the table and inform the dealer what type of bet they desire and the dealer will place the chip(s) in the correct spot.

Remove your hands from the playing table once your bets have been made.  It's very easy to deflect the dice with your hands, causing a disruption in game play.

Store your chips on the rail provided (it runs around the table). However, keep your eyes on your chips at all times in order to prevent other players from filching them.  In addition, do not stare at chips belonging to other players, this is considered rude and can be construed as a threat.

Once you have the dice in hand and have assumed the role of the shooter, there are additional etiquette rules to follow.  For instance, you must throw the dice with sufficient force that they hit the opposite side of the table and bounce back. The dice must stay in the air, rather than skidding or rolling along the tabletop.

Ensure that you are supportive during game play.  If you are placing a Pass bet, cheer for your shooter.  However, if you are placing a Don't Pass bet, it is considered wise to remain silent.  Don't Pass bettors are betting against most of the players and cheering for them to lose is considered very rude.

Most of all, have fun with the game.  Craps provides a great atmosphere for friendship and enjoyment; if you follow these few simple rules you'll have a great time.