Craps Horn Bet

In the game of craps, proposition bets are the riskiest and most exciting bets allowed. Within this category, the one roll bets push the payouts, and the house advantage to the limit. If however, you want the most thrilling way to bet, look no further: the horn bet is for you. Just a word of warning before we jump into the details, the horn bet is pretty risky and is considered by many to be a ‘sucker bet’. If you are willing to take the risk though, there is no other type of craps bet that can allow you to win vast sums of money as quickly as the horn bet.

There are actually four different types of horn bets (The Horn, The Horn High Low, The Horn High, and The Horn High Yo). While these are different bets, they all have one major common thread. Each of these horn bets requires differently sized ‘one-roll bets’ to be placed on the 2, 3, 11, and 12. Because these numbers are the foundation, the horn bet is often referred to as the Craps Eleven Bet (2, 3, and 12 are called “craps” during the come out roll).

Remember, these one roll bets have huge payouts. When played individually, 2 and 12 payout 30:1, and the 3 and 11 payout 15:1. You need to know these payouts in order to understand why so many people find the horn bet so promising.

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Horn Bet – This is the traditional horn bet, and it is the simplest of the four variations. You just make an equal bet on each of the numbers (2, 3, 11, 12). Lets just assume you are playing with $1.00 bets, as most people do. The total cost of making this bet is $4.00. If the dice show two or twelve, the winning bet will payout 30:1, and you will only lose $3.00 on your other bets. If a 3 or an 11 comes up, your winning bet still earns a sizable 15:1 payout with the same $3.00 cost.

Horn Low – The horn low is just like the traditional horn bet with one small twist. The bet on 2 (the low number) is twice the size of the other bets. For example, you could bet $2.00 on 2, $1.00 on 3, $1.00 on 11, and $1.00 on 12. The idea here is that a 2 could win you double the money, while only risking one more dollar.

Horn High – Just like the horn low, here you will be placing double the money on only one number. As the name ‘horn high’ suggests, your big bet will be 12. As an example, you would make a $2.00 bet on 12, and $1.00 bets on the other numbers. This applies the same logic as the horn low: a much higher potential for profit with only a small increase in potential losses.

Horn High Yo – The horn high yo follows the same pattern as above, but here the big money ($2.00) goes on 11. The 11 only pays out 15:1, but it’s house edge is nearly 2.8% lower than the bets on the two or twelve. This is a safer bet, but not by much.

These horn bets attract players using the same false logic employed by individual one roll bets. Many players simply see what a big payout they can earn for such a small price and think this might be a smart bet, but they could not be further from the truth. Horn bets combine a variety of risky bets. To believe that a combination of risky bets is safer than a single one is like believing you are safer drinking four kinds of poison than one.

Statistically you are just speeding up the process of losing your money (in the long run) by using the horn bet. As opposed to playing a single one roll bet at a time, each roll of the dice puts four to five times as much money in the least favorable bets in craps. There is only one reason that craps casinos like the horn bet so much: it is one of the best moneymakers in the business.