10 Craps Myths Debunked

As with any game of chance, a number of myths that have grown up concerning the game of craps.  Ranging from outrageous to seemingly plausible, these myths have influenced the playing styles, betting habits and enjoyment of generations of bettors and shooters.  Here are some of the more common myths and the truths that debunk them.

Myth – Dealer changes change the luck at the table and it is done intentionally.
Truth – Dealers rotate positions ever 20 minutes at a craps table.  They spend 20 minutes as the stickman, 20 as a dealer and 20 as the boxman.  After this, the dealer has a 20-minute break from the game.

Myth – A 7 showing on the dice when handed to the shooter is bad luck.
Truth – Since the stickman is not the one throwing the dice and the dice rotate in the air, bouncing randomly off the back wall, this is pure bunk.

Myth – New shooters (those who have never played) have better luck than others do.
Truth - Everyone's odds are the same when throwing dice through the air.

Myth – 7 and 11 are lucky.
Truth - 7 and 11 may win the come-out roll, but they are the worst bets for any other bet.  Thus, they are not lucky, but are simply numbers.

Myth – If one die or both dice leave the table, a 7 will be the next roll.
Truth – Since rolling the dice produces completely random results, this cannot possibly be true.

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Myth – The first player at a craps table will have bad luck with the dice.
Truth – The odds are the exact same for any player at the table, whether they are the first player of the day or the 100th.

Myth – Betting against the player (Don’t Pass or Don't Come) increases the chances of a 7 being rolled.
Truth – The dice have no idea who is betting on which outcome and wouldn't care if they did.  Dice rolls are random.  The simple fact is that there are more ways to make a 7 turn up than any other number, so it does occur more frequently.

Myth – Cold dice roll 7's more than warm dice.
Truth – Dice roll the same whether they are hot or cold.  It doesn't matter what temperature the dice are when they strike the far wall, the roll will be random.

Myth – Women are luckier at craps than men are.
Truth – The dice have no clue that a woman is shooting.  Rolls are randomly generated by bouncing off the wall of the craps table and results are unpredictable no matter the gender of the shooter.

Myth – Mentioning the number 7 will make it come up.
Truth – Again, the dice are not sentient and have no idea what you are talking about.  Simply mentioning the number 7 will do no more than saying "shark" or "poodle" as the dice are rolling.  The number 7 occurs more often because there are more ways to make it up (there are 6 ways that a 7 can be rolled).