Understanding Basic Craps Odds

Like any gambling game, craps is a game of playing the odds.  Knowing the odds for basic bets will help you become a consummate player. For new players, knowing the basic odds is vital to enjoying the fast-paced action. Even if you have never been to a craps table in your life, it behooves you to do a little research before arriving, especially is the table is particularly "hot."  Knowing the basic bets available, the odds of each basic bet and the payout percentages will do you many good.  Here is some vital information for your gaming enjoyment.

House Odds for Winning Wagers

  • A roll of 4 has a payout of 9-5, true odds of 2-1 and a house payout percentage of 6.67%. 
  • A roll of 5 has a payoff of 7-5, true odds of 3-2 and a house percentage of 4%. 
  • A roll of 6 has a payoff of 7-6, true odds of 6-5 and a 1.52% house percentage. 
  • 8 has a 7-6 payoff, 6-5 true odds and a 1.52% house percentage, as well. 
  • 9 has a 7-5 payoff, 3-2 odds, and a 4% house percentage.
  • 10 has a payoff of 9-5, with 2-1 odds and a house percentage of 6.7%.

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Remember, the house edge decreases as your odds increase, so playing higher odds can pay off big time.  In addition, taking odds (or laying odds, for that matter) can give you almost edge-free wagering.  For instance, on Pass Line bets and taking odds, 1x odds has a house edge of almost .9%, while 100x odds has a house edge of just .02%!  However, on Don't Pass and laying odds, 1-x odds has a house edge of .68%, while 100x odds has .01% house edge.  Compare that house edge against those listed for Pass Line bets and you'll see why taking the odds is so vital in craps.

Each type of bet comes with its own odds and house edge.  For instance, place to lose bets on 6 or 8 have a house edge of 1.8% and 5-11 odds payouts.  On the other hand, a buy bet on 6 or 8 has a house edge of 4.76% and pays 23-21 odds.  A Hard Way bet of 4 or 10 pays 7-1, but has a house edge of over 11%!

Calculating the odds in craps involves knowing the possible combinations that make up each number, from 2 to 12.  2 has only 1 possible combination because 2 dice are used.  That means there is only 1 way to win and 1 way to lose.  3 has 2 combinations, 4 has 3 combinations, and 5 has 4 combinations.  6 has 5 available combinations, 7 has the most possible, at 6, while 8 has 5, 9 has 4, 10 has 3, 11 has 2 and 12 only has a single combination.  Knowing the combinations available will help you determine what the best bet for you is.  However, always remember that the higher the odds of a number turning up (2 and 12 have the highest), the more that bet will pay.