Internet Craps - Playing Craps Online

The rise of the Internet gave birth to many things.  The Information Age has seen the Dotcom Boom, the rise of Internet marketing and online gambling.  It has seen almost every conceivable game of chance move to an electronic form, to be hosted by virtual casinos.  The game of craps has not been neglected.  It has moved online, as well, and offers the modern world just as much fun and excitement as rolling the bones in a real casino (well, mostly).

Best Craps Casinos

  Site Bonus Match US Play Now
1 William Hill Casino OnBling Casino $3250 200% USA Play Now
2 Win Palace Casino Win Palace Casino $3000 200% USA Play Now
3 Slotland Casino Casino Titan $4000 200% USA Play Now
4 PKR Casino Loco Panda Casino $3000 300% USA Play Now

The best thing about playing craps online is the fact that you can do it in your own home.  In addition, novices do not have to negotiate the rowdy, raucous atmosphere that is the hallmark of a physical craps table with "hot" dice.  The noise and distraction of other players can be a significant drawback to players who are just beginning to understand the game; however, online options allow new players to learn at their own pace and even win real money.

So, how do you do it?  How do you play online craps and start having fun?  It's simpler than you might think.  The first step is to find an online casino.  This part should entail a little research.  Not all casinos offer craps, some offer free craps play and some are not worth your time because their games are rigged, they offer no real payouts and they lack customer service.  To find the best online casino, you should read actual gambler reviews, rather than trusting the hype at the casino's website. Actual gamblers will give you much better advice and useful information than advertisement hype.

In addition, there are two types of casino that you will find online.  One is a "download-based" option.  This requires you to download software to your computer in order to play.  The second option is a web-based application that requires no download.  Downloaded content usually looks better, though Flash has done a good job of cleaning up the graphics on web-based games.

The second step is to setup an online account with the casino. Most online casinos offer signup bonuses.  These include free game play, enhancements to your winnings, percentage-matching programs.  Percentage matching programs match a deposit amount with a percentage provided by the casino.  This gives you free money with which to gamble.  Rollover bonuses are also offered for new account signups.  These bonuses apply if you roll your winnings over to your account, rather than cashing out your winnings. However, watch out for casinos that do not count certain games toward your ability to withdraw your winnings.  Craps is frequently one of these games, as is roulette and baccarat.

Depositing money in your account is usually done as an e-check, a bank transfer or can be put on a credit/debit card.  Make sure you find a casino with the best deposit incentives. Free money for gambling is an excellent thing and the withdrawal restrictions will not be a hindrance if you simply intend to use that as gambling capital.