Street Craps

Craps has an interesting history, beginning long ago with the Crusaders and spreading throughout Europe.  At that time, it was known as Hazard.  It became known as craps after it was exported to the Americas by the colonists.  Today, craps is usually found in casinos.  Private games, those outside a casino setting, are called street craps or private craps.  There are very few differences between street craps and casino craps; however, those that do exist are rather glaring.  In addition, there are a number of variations on street craps, with local rules and betting methods.  Those engaging in street craps in an area unfamiliar to them can quickly find themselves out of their element.  In addition, street craps is usually an illegal activity.

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Street craps runs from very simple games to very complex ones.  The simple form of the game involves an agreement on a roll or number used for the point, then the point is rolled again before rolling a 7.  Other games use standard rules, such as enforcing a come-out roll followed by point rolls.

Street craps also has simpler betting options than a casino.  While this reduces the number of available betting methods, it has the advantage of being understood more readily by players.  Shooters must make a Pass or Don't Pass bet to shoot.  This bet must be covered by another player for the game to continue.  If no bets are forthcoming to cover the original bet, the shooter cannot roll.  Pass bets are usually covered by Don't Pass bets and so on, with the person covering the shooter's bet always betting against the shooter.

Other types of bets must wait until the shooter's bet has been covered.  Once that bet has been made, other Pass/Don't Pass, Come/Don't Come and proposition bets can be made.  However, each of these bets must be covered by another player.  If no other player is willing to cover a bet, the bet cannot be made.

The largest difference between casino craps and street craps is the fact that players must cover each other's bets.  In a casino setting, all bets are covered by the bank (the casino), eliminating the need for players to find a covering bet.  In addition, many street craps games are hosted by illicit groups, making them more than unsavory for players unfamiliar with the rules and society behind the games.  However, games between friends can be a great way to enjoy gambling and not have to worry about the house edge.  While still illegal in many areas, these games are frequently played; at least as frequent as sports betting and other forms of gambling that take place outside of a casino setting.  , it remains the safest option for gamblers to use a casino for craps betting.

Casino gambling is fun, it involves a larger number of people and the threat of illegality does not exist.  In addition, there are far more ways to win against a casino than there are in street craps.