Tipping in Craps

Tipping craps dealers is more than polite; it's considered good form and good luck.  In addition, most dealers rely on tips (toking) to make up the bulk of their pay.  Dealers are not paid spectacularly well and tips make up a substantial part of their weekly income.  However, novice players often don't know how to tip, or even what the word "toke" means.  Even those who have been at a craps table a few times can have some questions about tipping.  Here are a few "tips" to help!

Reasons for tipping are manifold. Tipping is respectful and it helps get the dealers on your side.  Why do you want them on your side?  Isn't the game random?  Yes, the dice roll is random.  However, tipping ensures good service from the dealers, as well as ensuring that they will answer your questions during game play. Tipping is also supposed to bring good luck, but the consummate gambler does not believe in luck; rather, they believe in chance and knowledge.
First, you can tip a craps dealer in two ways.  Both are viable, though the first method is preferred by dealers (understandably so).

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  • Bet for them – Players are able to place a wager for the dealers.  You can toke the dealers by placing a wager in their name, saying "for the dealers" as you make your bet.  If the bet wins, the dealers win the money that the bet brought in, plus the original bet amount.

  • Don't make wagers on the dealer's behalf that have large house takes.  Instead, opt for a bet such as Pass/Don't Pass or Come/Don't Come.  A two-way parlay on a hard six or eight is also a way to give the dealers a potentially handsome toke and to get them on your side.

  • The preferred method (for most dealers), is to simply give them chips.  Do not hand the chips to them, they are not allowed to take them from your hand.  Simply lay them on the table (outside of the playing numbers) and say "for the dealers!"

The question of when to tip comes up frequently, as well.  You can tip during your play session, or you can tip afterwards.  Chances are that you will have more money with which to tip during play, so dealers are more likely to be appreciative of this.  However, if you are on a hot streak, you can make a small wager or two on behalf of the dealers during your session and then hand in chips at the end of the session.  This is an excellent way to ensure that you tip well, but don't go broke in the process and the dealers will appreciate you wagering on their behalf, rather than simply tipping after the session.

As you can see, tipping (toking) is an important part of the process involved in craps.  A gambler who tips appropriately will find that the dealers are much more attentive and friendly, providing a better game for the player.