Tips for Craps

The game of craps is incredibly popular in the US and around the world.  You can find the game played everywhere from the street to private homes and ultra luxury casinos. Novice players can find the game play confusing, as well as the table setup and even the lingo used.  However, with a few helpful hints and tips, anyone can make sense of the game and enjoy one of the most profitable gambling ventures around. Here are several tips to help you become a consummate gambler at the craps table.

Understand the odds – Understanding the odds of the game will help you decide which wager is correct for you.  There are incredible odds in the game that vary drastically with the type of bet you make.  In addition, the odds will change the amount of money you win, the amount of house edge on the bet and more.

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Understand the bets available – There are many, many different types of bets in craps.  You'll find Pass/Don't Pass, Come/Don't Come bets, Hard Way bets, proposition bets, buying and placing bets and even odds betting.  The more familiar you are with the various bets available, the more you will be able to win and the more fun you will have while betting.

Understand the lingo – Craps uses a very specialized lingo.  Familiarizing yourself with the language used around the craps table will help a novice player understand what is going on.  The language can be strange and disconcerting at first, but it can be readily understood by a player willing to take a little time to improve their game.

Remain calm – The game of craps is filled with energy and excitement.  It is the stickman's job to further entice bettors and winning results in a jovial atmosphere.  Avoid being caught up in the excitement and keep a level head.  When you are calm and collected, you will be able to analyze each bet made.

Stick to your strategy – While craps is a game of chance, a strategy is still needed to make it profitable.  Causal players will almost always lose more than they win.  However, if you have a strategy and stick to it, you do not have to fall into that category. In addition, never expect to consistently win at this game of chance.

Be respectful of the rules and traditions – Craps has many rules and traditions that make little sense to a newcomer.  For instance, not mentioning the number 7 after the dice have been picked up seems nonsensical.  However, if you observe these traditions, you will have a better gaming experience and get along better with other players.

Review the table – Never simply jump into wagering at a craps table.  Take a moment and size up the game first.  This can provide valuable insight into the shooter's habits and potential, as well as information about the other gamblers at the table.  In addition, simply jumping in can be construed as rude by other players and even by the dealers, themselves.