Learn the 5 Numbers Roulette System

The 5 Numbers System of Roulette betting is a strategy appropriate for advanced players for two reasons. One, it assumes that the player understands that the only way to influence the outcome of a Roulette game is by changing one's betting strategy; and, two, it assumes that the player is capable of walking away from the table when the strategy calls for them to do so.

The basic scenario is very simple and relies completely on inside, straight-up bets. Straight-up bets pay out at 35:1 and are the most lucrative wins a player can enjoy at the tables.

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Start by picking your five numbers. You may include zero or double zero in your choices. You'll then want to find a table with a low minimum bet. We'll use a $5 minimum for this example.

You'll set your budget by buying your chips. Purchase $40 worth of $1 chips which will allow you to make the smallest possible bet.

You'll make your wager on the five numbers 8 times, placing one chip in each of the five applicable squares. If you lose all your chips, back off from the table and stop playing. The strategy ends in this event. If not, you'll receive a payout of 35 chips and the strategy continues.

Stay with your original numbers but, this time, place 7 chips in each of the squares, now, the actual size of a 35:1 payout becomes apparent. If any of these numbers wins, that square will pay you almost $250. If you loose on this spin, you're out five dollars for your trouble.

This system is limited in that continuing on after a win offers no increase in the odds. When you win, you're done, just as if you lose on you initial 8 bets you're done. One of the attractive features of this strategy, in reality, is that it has a built in limit on the amount of time any player leaves their money on the table and, thus, exposed to the house's inherent advantage with the game of Roulette.

Even if you're not an advanced player, this strategy can be a fun, and self-limiting, way to get into this thrilling casino game. It relies on a static budget, solid mathematics and a realistic expectation of how much one should be willing to risk. The winnings can be very significant, even with the small amounts being bet.

The thrill of Roulette is in its authentically random nature. There are no "skills" that can increase a player's odds, no counting of cards or calling of bluffs. Roulette is one of the purest games of chance. The 5 Numbers System is a good way to expose one's self to the game's random nature without taking undue risk. Remember, in Roulette, becoming intoxicated with the thrill of a win can lead to irrational and impulse driven behavior that is the bane of good gamblers. The 5 Numbers System sets a concrete goal for winnings; in that lies its usefulness.