Types of Bets in Roulette

Approaching a Roulette table for the first time might be a bit intimidating. After all, this is the game so famously played by the elite of the gambling world; a group where tuxedos and martinis seem de rigueur and the rules of the game quite arcane. Placing your bets is really not as difficult as the complex table layout may lead one to believe. Roulette's appeal is largely due to the ability of the player to decide which odds they want to bet against and that flexibility is sometimes mistaken for undue complexity.

The ten bets described below are set in terms relative to an American Roulette table layout. There is a French table, as well, and the layout is somewhat different. Understanding one makes understanding the other not too difficult.

In any Roulette bet, the player is wagering on the number on which the wheel will stop. A player may bet on an actual number, several numbers, a particular color or a range of numbers. The odds vary with each different type of bet with the selection of a single number having the lowest odds of a win.

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Straight-up Bet

A straight-up bet is the most basic form of Roulette wager. The better simply picks a number and bets that number will come up when the wheel stops. The odds are 35-1 against the player and, thus, this bet pays the largest payout. To make this bet, simply place your chip on the appropriate square on the table.

Corner Bet

A corner bet allows a player to wager that any one of four numbers will come up. One places such a bet by placing their chip or chips on the corner where the four numbers on which they wish to bet intersect on the table. This bet pays 8-1.

Split Bet

A split bet is a bet made on two adjacent numbers. This bet is limited to those numbers which appear next to each other on the table. To place this bet, place your chip or chips on the line that separates any two numbers. This bet pays 17-1.

Column Bet

Looking at the Roulette table, you'll see that the numbers are arranged in three columns. You may bet on this entire column of numbers by placing your chip at the end of the column desired. This bet as a roughly 32% chance of resulting in a win and pays 2:1. This is a type of outside bet meaning the bet is placed outside the numbers themselves.

Line Bet

A line bet encompasses six numbers. Place your bet on the outer line close to the edge of the roulette table where three lines intersect. This bet pays 5:1.

High/Low Bet

A high low bet is one of the lower risk bets and, thus, pays 1:1. To make this wager, place your chips on one of the boxes outside the number grid labeled 1-18 or 19-36. If the ball lands within the range of numbers you selected, you win.

Color Bet

A color bet is an outside bet that wagers on the color of the number; red or black. This bet pays even money. To make this wager, place your chips on the appropriate colored box on the outside of the number grid.

Street Bet

This type of bet is made on three numbers. To make the bet, place your chip on the line that either begins one of the "streets", the horizontal rows of numbers, or on the intersection of a line that encompasses 0 and the other two numbers on which you wish to wager. The payout on this bet is 11:1.

Even/Odd Bet

Even/Odd bets wager that the final number will be either even or odd. This bet is made by placing one's chips in the appropriate box. This is an even money bet.

Dozen Bet

You'll see on the table boxes marked 1-12, 12-24 and 25-36. Make a dozen bet by placing your chips in the appropriately labeled box. This bet pays out 2:1. The zero and double zero numbers are both losing spins for those who make this wager.

There is one other bet which is the worst in the game: The Basket Bet. The Basket Bet wagers on 5 numbers, zero, double zero, 1, 2 and 3. This bet has the worst odds on a double zero wheel and only pays out 6:1. The low payout and the house's edge make this a bet most experienced players avoid.

Because Roulette is by nature a game of chance, the only control of the odds that can be exercised by the player is by selecting from one of the many betting options and by limiting one's time at the wheel. Many betters use different strategies to further influence the amount of risk they take on at any Roulette wheel.

Between bets, the dealer will place a marker on the final number on which the ball landed. Bets cannot be made until the dealer calls for them. The wheel on a Roulette table is kept in constant motion. The dealer will start the wagering spin and players will place their bets. When the dealer signals by calling out "No More Bets!" and waving their hand over the play surface, stop betting.

If your desired bet is already taken by another player, you may stack your chips on top of theirs.

Roulette is a game where the house generally enjoys an edge over the players. There is no way to eliminate this edge. Roulette, at the same time, is one of the most thrilling of all casino games. The adrenaline rush one experiences while waiting for the wheel to stop is quite addictive. Roulette is a game where a player does well to limit their betting and their time at the table. Keep in mind that, the longer your chips are on the Roulette table, the longer you're subject to the house's statistical advantage over the player. Enjoy the thrill of the game, but play smart.