Why are Roulette Chips Different?

To play roulette is quite simple, but you do need to understand the table layout and have some chips in order to play properly. The chips are required by all casinos around the world, and even on the Internet, and it is how a player places their wager on the spin. It is a much simpler method than laying cash all over the table, but actually means the same thing. That is because chips are each worth a pre-designated amount.

Why have casinos opted for this approach? Of course it is tidier than laying money on the table, but interestingly casinos find that players are far less nervous about wagering large amounts if it is in plastic or metal chips rather than in actual cash. Additionally, the chips make it very easy for the dealer, or croupier, to know what a person’s wage is simply by seeing the color. Finally, chips are ideal because each casino uses its own styles and logos and this makes it hard for counterfeiters to copy them or people to steal them.

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In the United States there are a variety of regulations around the making of casino chips, and some states insist that all values have the same color. Most, however, also require that all chips have a uniform set of edge spots that make their value easy and quick to determine, and they all must have the casino name and location along with the dollar value marked on their face as well.

It is important to remember that casinos do not issue a set of “standard” chips that can be used at any game, and all roulette tables have their own distinctive chips. This too is for a few reasons. First it is because every player at a roulette table will have a different color of chips. This prevents any kind of arguments, disputes or theft from occurring.

In order to facilitate this, the players must give their casino chips to the dealer or croupier who converts them to an equivalent amount of roulette chips that can be used only by that one player. This means too that a husband and wife or friends cannot share chips but must each get their own.

All roulette games are going to have a minimum buy in and a maximum wager on each spin and chips are always available in numerous denominations, but it is up to the player to let the dealer know the single denomination they want all of their chips to be. For instance, a table with a minimum ten dollar wager on the spin would still allow a player to request one dollar chips, and they would need to put out ten of these chips on every spin.

As soon as a color is assigned to a player the dealer will place a symbolic chip along a rail near the wheel, and lays a marker on top of that chip which tells the dollar value the player has selected. This means that no color is worth the same amount twice. For example, one player may get green chips in twenty dollar increments and when they are through playing they cash in their remaining chips with the dealer. The next player to get the green chips may ask them to be worth one dollar each, and this is the reason the dealer must always make a record of the player’s choice. This is also the reason that a player can only cash out at the table and not the cashier’s box, because only the roulette dealer knows the values.