Contra D' Alembert Roulette

Contra D'Alembert is French for "against D'Alembert" and the name means exactly what it says. This strategy is the mirror image of the D'Alembert strategy. This strategy seeks to enhance winnings rather than to minimize losses and makes no claims about any equilibrium setting. It's simply a strategy that attempts to make certain that large winnings offset losses.

Contra D'Alembert is a high-stakes, high risk strategy which can be great fun for those who can afford to budget it into their time at the wheel and who like to feel the maximum possible rush when placing their bets. Contra D'Alembert calls for a player to double their bet on each win and to continue that trend until a loss manifests. If one happens to be fortunate enough to enjoy a large number of consecutive wins, it's easy to see that the winnings could quickly become very impressive.

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When one finally does lose, the player returns to the original amount of their wager and starts the whole process over again. If the winning streak makes a return visit, the money quickly starts piling up. If not, the player continues to make their starting bid, not cutting too deeply into the winnings they've already made.

Like any Roulette strategy, Contra D'Alembert depends on the player knowing when to stop. Any strategy, when taken to the extreme, can become a handicap. If the winnings have reached a point where you're content, there's no shame in slowing down, backing off the table and going to the cashier's window with a nice pile of chips in tow.

Remember that this strategy, as with any strategy, does not influence the overall odds of any bet or the game as a whole. Roulette bets are constant and the house always enjoys an advantage over the player. The only way to influence this advantage is to minimize the amount of time that one's money is on the table and, thus, subject to the influence of the house advantage. Contra D'Alembert has no influence on your odds of winning and neither do the amount of previous wins, or losses, you've enjoyed. This strategy simply works to try to make the overall amount of winnings large enough to offset the effects of the eventual, and inevitable, loss.

This system can be combined with the traditional D'Alembert system if one desires. If you feel that your hot streak is about to come to a close, reduce the amount of your bet in accordance with the D'Alembert system. Remember that that system was designed to help players rake in a consistent, if more modest, amount of money from the table and that the Contra D'Alembert system was designed to maximize the amount of winnings at the risk of greater losses. Using both of these strategies together, one is empowered to make intelligent choices about how they place their chips. This betting strategy, like the D'Alembert system, is best applied to the even money bets available on the Roulette table.