What is the D'Alembert Roulette System?

Named after a French mathematician, the D'Alembert system is based on the idea that numbers seek equilibrium. While numbers, of course, are not sentient beings and don't properly "seek" anything, the strategy is an interesting way to approach the game of Roulette and, if used correctly, can mitigate losses and sometimes result in a hefty win.

The system is somewhat counterintuitive and could be described as "not pressing one's luck". If one wins on a wager, one then halves the amount they bet on the next spin. If one should lose a wager, one then doubles their bet on the next spin. It sounds somewhat backwards but the idea behind it is relatively simple.

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The idea is that there is a natural tendency for things to balance out over time. If one is on a "hot streak", it is inevitable that the end of that streak draws nearer with every win. As the number of wins increases in number, the theory would hold that the likelihood of a loss is nearer. This is mathematically untrue: If the odds are 35:1 on a given wager, they are always 35:1, no matter how many times the player has already won. There are no separate odds for the player as an individual.

The system, like any Roulette strategy, should be used with some intelligence on the part of the player. Theoretically, it's possible to walk into a casino and lose on every single spin of the wheel. If one were to follow this strategy too rigorously, making the same bet over and over and doubling their wager on each loss, it's easy to see that the amount of losses could quickly become staggering.

The D'Alembert strategy can be an excellent system to make one more sober in the face of winning and to make it more likely that the gambler will come home with some extra money in their pocket. Because it encourages modesty in the face of gain where wagers are concerned, it can act to offset the intoxicating effects of winning at the wheel. However, it can also go awry on the converse side.

There is no cosmic law that one "has to" win or "has to" lose at some point. Luck, as it is, is simply a happy conjunction of one's desires and the laws of chance. The D'Alembert system is an excellent way to prevent mistaking a few good spins for destiny and thus foolishly making huge wagers based on the assumption that there is a certain amount of luck which has not yet run out. Use this strategy as one of temperance. When one limits the amount of winnings they reinvest in wagers, they limit their potential losses. When one doubles their bets on losses, they make every spin more significant and, thus, give themselves a reason to exercise self-control. Of course, there certainly is a chance that doubling a losing bet will recover the loss and result in a profit, so the strategy does have a definite potential for benefit!