Learn How to Play Roulette

Step into any major casino in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas and you are likely to hear three famous words “place your bets”. This is part of every single spin of the roulette wheel and is what cues the players to make their wagers.

Strictly speaking, roulette is a game purely of chance, but there are many strategies created by mathematicians and long-time players that are all working to determine where the ball is going to land in the wheel.

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To play a game of roulette requires the spinning of the special roulette wheel into which the ball is spun in the opposing direction. As gravity and the slowing of the wheel occur, the ball eventually leaves its path and tumbles into one of the thirty-seven or thirty-eight holes on the wheel. All of the holes have a different color and a different number, and it is the number and color that players make their wagers against.

Well, you might say, that is all very easy. In fact there are an amazing number of outcomes possible and several ways for players to bet. They might choose just to place a wager on whether the winning number will be black or red. They could choose a set range of numbers in which the winner might be contained, they can be very specific and choose a single number to bet on, and they can make a bet about the winning number falling into the “odd” or “even” range.

To make their bet requires the player to be standing at the roulette table, and they must place their wager in the proper place of the “layout”. This is a properly color coded chart of all of the possible ways of wagering on the spin. Interestingly, a player in Europe will have a different layout than one in the United States because of the presence of the double zero on the American version of the roulette wheel. For this discussion, the American version of roulette will be used for all examples or explanations.

As stated a bit earlier, betting is done in a variety of ways. There are two groups of bets and these are the inside bets and the outside bets. It is the inside bets which have the higher payouts because their results tend to be less likely than the outside bets. For example, it is the inside bets that include specific, single number bets, or the series of two, three and six numbers, and the “corner” series of numbers where the bet is placed on the layout table at the horizontal and vertical intersection of the lines between four numbers such as ten, eleven, thirteen and fourteen.

Outside bets are more likely to yield winnings because they are of a significantly more general pattern. For instance, a player can wager on a set of numbers as large as nineteen to thirty-six, which is obviously more likely to yield a win than a single number. Additionally, the outside bets also include the red or black wager and the ability to bet on a column of numbers on the layout table as well.

Roulette players also have the option of betting on the zeros, and these tend to offer enormous payouts – traditionally a whopping thirty-five to one on the standing bet. This translates to thirty-five dollars returned for a single dollar wager!

Players place their bets on the table until the moment the dealer says “no more bets”. After that they spin the wheel and wait for the results. Many players wonder if there are any strategies for winning at roulette. Most of the strategies being used today employ two techniques, betting strategies and “clocking” strategies. Clocking strategies require tons of time and have not been proven to yield good results.