Learn to Use the Martingale Roulette System

A Martingale strategy is an attempt to mitigate the impact of losing wagers by increases and decreases in the amount of money bet. This strategy is a short-term winning strategy and will only work if the player knows when to stop. If the strategy is carried out beyond the first win, it is mathematically inevitable that the player will lose more than they won.

The strategy is relatively simple. You start by finding a table with a low minimum bet and a high maximum bet. The maximum must be higher than what you've budgeted to wager.

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Approach the table and place your bet. For the sake of an example, we'll be betting on black.

If black comes up in the first spin, take your winnings and leave the table. If you lose the bet, double your wager on the next spin, making the same bet as you did the first time. Martingale is propagated on not changing one's bet. Don’t' switch to a different bet midstream.

Again, if you happen to win this bet, take your winnings and leave the table. If not, repeat the process and double your wager, again making the same bet.

This system was designed based on a French game of flipping a coin. Theoretically, a player with infinite amounts of money to wager would ultimately win using this strategy. Of course, basing a strategy on the player having an infinite amount of money is not a particularly realistic scenario.

In reality, this strategy is viewed as a relatively poor one by most professional gamblers. You may win your bets nine out of ten times but, if you continue with this strategy, you'll eventually lose more than the sum of your winnings on the tenth bet. The only way to make this strategy work is to stop when one wins which takes a great deal of the fun out of gambling for little real reward.

There is a popular misconception about statistics that feeds into strategies such as Martingale. That misconception is that when a particular number doesn't come up for a long time, it's odds of coming up increase due to it's not having yet been the number on which the ball landed. This is not true. The odds remain constant for every bet regardless of previous results. If ten consecutive spins result in black numbers, the 11th spin still has the same odds of producing a black number. If one makes the same bet over and over, their odds of winning do not increase on each wager.

Martingale is best used constructively, often as a way to end the night. Budget how much money you have with which to play and use the strategy for your last hurrah. If you win, you'll likely win a fairly impressive amount, especially if you don’t win on the first few attempts. If you lose, you lose no more than you had budgeted to lose and you walk away from the table with money in your pocket.