Online Roulette Games

A primary rule to remember about online roulette is that it is not very different from “live” casino roulette. The player will still need to officially join the game, purchase their chips in a single, set amount and place their bets.

The online roulette games will still make the “no more bets” call for the players, who must wait for the next spin if they want to place additional bets on the layout table.

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Just as in live roulette, the wheel will spin, the ball will eventually drop into a pocket the winner will receive their chips. Interestingly, just as in a game of live roulette, the winning bidder with an “inside” bet will have to indicate if they want their bet cleared. Dealers and croupiers are not obliged to remove the bet and an inattentive player can see themselves lose the amount they just won by forgetting to clear the wager.

The layout table for most online roulette games will be identical to traditional live casino gaming, though both the American and European versions are always available. This means that some online games will have single zero wheels while others will have the double zero designs. It is important to remember that the highest payout in online roulette is from a wager on the double zero – usually one to thirty-five – but all wagers go to the house when the zero turns up.

Additionally, as is common in the online environment, there may be some options for side games, sound effects or other electronic features, but generally online roulette is going to be almost identical to live gaming. Currently there are developing trends for real time footage games that are broadcast from a live casino, and a special “web cam” lets the active players participate in the game as if they were seated right in the casino themselves. Regardless of the style of the screen (live footage or animation) the layout tables and wheels are going to remain the same.

As stated earlier, the wheels are going to match the layouts and will therefore be either the American or European formats, meaning a double zero or single zero design. While live casinos tend to use the American version, most online players seek out European single zero games to allow for a smaller “house” advantage.

Play is initiated by the electronic croupier who announces that no more bets can be laid and then spins. Once the ball lands in the winning slot the player must check that their wager is removed, if they wish it to be, before the next spin occurs, this is because not all casinos reset the tables automatically. As stated earlier, the croupier is not obliged to remove the inside bets, and standard policies have the winnings placed next to an outside bet for the player to either collect or leave on the wager. Though rules can vary from casino to casino, it is really up to the player to understand the proper rules for handling their bets and winnings before entering into active play.

A final word about online roulette: be a bit scrupulous about investigating the casinos where you play. Live casinos must live up to very high standards, but an online roulette player may not be sure of those same protections. Just as in any online purchase, be sure the agency is secure, valid and reliable before providing any credit card or personal information. There are many common research sites, blogs and gambling enthusiasts who can recommend or suggest the best and safest places to enjoy an exciting game of online Roulette.