Learn to Play the Parlay Roulette System

There is probably no Roulette strategy with as much "cool" factor as the parlay strategy. This is also known as letting a bet ride. The strategy can result in enormous payoffs or no winnings at all. The fact that it can be started with a minimum investment makes it very attractive.

A parlay bet may be started at the table minimum, maximum or anywhere in between. This only depends on the amount the player wishes to invest on the game. Sticking to one's budget is very important to properly executing this strategy. Essentially, if one sticks with the budget, there are no losses beyond what the player expected.

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Say, for the sake of example, that you bet $1 on black. If this bet wins, you have $2 pushed back at you by the dealer. You let the bet ride by taking the that total amount and betting it on either the same number or on a different number. You may wager the money however you choose. The amount of the bet is what is allowed to "ride", not the particular bet itself such as in a Martingale system.

This strategy can effect enormous returns for very little starting money. If one happened to come up a winner on several single number bets, for instance, the high payout on those wins could quickly accumulate to a large sum. Of course, this large sum could be parlayed to the next bet, over and over, and the sum could theoretically increase manifold over the course of only a few hours. These sort of payouts—or, the dreams of these sort of payouts—are what keep people returning to Roulette wheels over and over again.

Remember to be very strict with yourself about sticking to your original budget. Exercise some common sense, as well. If you've managed to rake in winnings that go far beyond what you thought you could reasonably expect, don't be afraid to stop. Remember that, sometimes, what separates a professional gambler from an amateur is not so much skill or luck but the ability to be content with a certain amount of winnings and to walk away with one's winnings in one's hand rather than with one's hat in one's hand.

Roulette is certainly one of the most glamorous of all the casino games and Parlay is one of the most glamorous of the strategies. It tends to connote a Devil-may-care attitude and a true love of playing the game rather than of trying to find a way to get rich quickly in the casinos. If you manage to get a nice pile of chips going and you feel like you're in a place to keep on going and, perhaps, to press your luck a bit, expect to be the center of attention when you start telling the dealer to "parlay" or "Let it ride." You just might walk away with an awful lot of money for your efforts and, frankly, for the rather fearless nature parlay strategies require.