The Roulette Table

Roulette is known as a highly sophisticated game of chance, but it is also one of the simplest games to play. It requires very little complicated equipment, minimal staff and some simple rules.

The first thing is the roulette wheel, and this is something recognizable to nearly everyone in the modern world. They are usually handcrafted and balanced and usually made from luxury woods. The wheel contains a wooden bowl where the liner is emblazoned with the various black and red slots and numbers. The slots have pockets where the roulette ball will land and the entire unit has a central brass or wooden turret in the center. Inside of all roulette wheels are bearings that ensure the liner spins smoothly time after time.

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The word “roulette” is a French term meaning “small wheel” and it was in France where the game has its origins. Beginning in the late 1700s it began to become more and more popular, which helped it to spread throughout Europe and across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. Soon after that the American players made a few changes to the design of the game that still remain in American casinos today.

By the late 1800s gambling and casinos were being outlawed throughout Europe, and roulette found only a single haven – Monte Carlo in the tiny nation of Monaco. This luxurious city, set amid the glittering waters of the Riviera, gave the game its first truly glamorous reputation, which remains today. Roulette is still the most popular game being played in the gambling houses and casinos of the city.

To actually play a game requires both the wheel, as discussed, and the green felt “layout”. Modern layouts are in two styles, the American version and the European. The real difference is simply that the European layout offers only a single zero slot on the wheel and layout, while the American variety offers the double zero on the wheel and layout. The American casino owners of the 1800s added this double zero to entice more players to take their chances.

There used to be two primary designs on the layout tables as well, but today the American version seems to predominate. That style has the layout at one end of the gaming table and the wheel at the other. There are still some European tables with the wheel in the center with dual layouts on either side, but the American simplified format tends to appear in a majority of locations.

To play a player takes one of their casino’s chips and lays it on the grid or layout table. There are many ways to wager on each spin and a player can make as many bets as they want until the dealer or croupier says “no more bets”. At this point they will spin the wheel and the ball and wait for the results.

The dealer or croupier is the only table personnel for the game and they are the only one able to accept the bets and make the payouts. The modern design for roulette tables puts the dealer in a notched area near the wheel. Players are spread all around the remaining areas and where they can easily reach the layout table.

Once the wheel is spun the bearings inside the bowl will eventually cause the wheel to slow and the ball will drop into a single slot. This determines the winner. All bets are retrieved by the dealer who then pays the winners.