Slots Bankroll Management

Whether you are a beginning or advanced slot player, you may have already determined or currently be developing your individual playing strategies for different types of slots.  However, this is not the only strategy needed in live and online casino slot machine games. 

Bankroll management can be just as important, if not more important, to ensure you are getting the most for your money and can continue to increase your play time and chances of winning the jackpot.

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Bankroll management is especially crucial when playing online slots.  This is essentially due to the fact that using the correct bankroll management strategies can enable you to play more games for the same amount of bet money.

Strategies involving your bankroll management are based on two main factors, no matter what type of slot you choose to play.  The first factor is whether you place higher bets or the minimum bets. 

Second, you need to know whether you are an aggressive or conservative slot player.  Each of these factors creates a different bankroll strategy to manage your time and money most efficiently.

The first strategy is the “simple” strategy, and is for those who are aggressive players placing low bets.  If you are willing to risk smaller amounts of bankroll for higher payouts, this strategy may be for you.

When using this strategy, the maximum bet is placed on a spin following any spin that pays out.  When a spin does not result in a payout, the following spin should use a smaller wager than the one prior, preferably by one coin.  With this strategy, players are able to optimize when experiencing a winning streak.

Another strategy, used for those who are conservative and like to place smaller bets, is called the “up the steps” bankroll management.  With this method, the first requirement is that any spin following a payout spin should increase the wager by only one coin. 

When a spin does not pay out, the following spin should decrease the wager by one coin.  This allows you to stretch your bankroll even further than before.

Some players combine the theories of the simple and up the steps strategies to form the “3 star” strategy in bankroll management.  The basic theory behind this strategy is that a winning streak requires more than one win, and a losing streak requires more than one loss.  Instead, changes in wagers are made when three wins or losses are experienced by the player.

When the three wins or losses do not happen in order to create a winning or losing streak, each wager will continue to remain the same.  If the player is aggressive, the spin following the three wins will use the maximum number of coins, and the spin following three losses will reduce the wager by one coin.

More conservative players will do the same after a losing streak, but will only increase the wager by one coin on a spin following three winning spins.

Although these are popular bankroll management strategies, some players still choose to abandon tradition and develop their own personal wagering and playing strategies and rules.  This decision is a personal one, and will differ among each online slot player.