The Basics of Playing Online Slots

Whether you’ve ever played a slot machine in a live casino or not, there is something for everyone in the world of online slots.  Beginners and experts alike can use these slots for entertainment and find that payouts only sweeten the deal. 

Even if you’ve never stepped foot into a casino or gambled in your life, online slots are very easy to learn.  On the other hand, those who have years of live slot machine experience also find that online slots offer a whole new world of winning combinations and chances to hit the jackpot.

Best Online Slots Casinos

  Site Bonus Match US Play Now
1 William Hill Casino OnBling Casino $3250 200% USA Play Now
2 Win Palace Casino Win Palace Casino $3000 200% USA Play Now
3 Slotland Casino Casino Titan $4000 200% USA Play Now
4 PKR Casino Loco Panda Casino $3000 300% USA Play Now

When choosing your first online slot machine, peruse the available machines and examine the pay table attached to it.  The goal of playing slots is to win the highest payout possible, and the pay table will help determine the best machine for this purpose.

Often, the slots with small bets will offer the highest payouts.  All players, regardless of past or current experience, should determine a proper amount to play with and use this figure to find the right machine.

Your playing budget will also determine how long you can play.  If you only use your budget on one higher bet, you’ll most likely be disappointed and still looking for something to do in just a few short minutes.  However, using the smaller bet machines will let you play for several hours if you please.

That being said, progressive machines are the best to choose if you plan on making a larger bet.  This is because as more bets are made, the jackpot grows, and your chances of winning grow with each time you play.

Other machines you will find are referred to as “multipliers”, which is directly related to the way in which jackpots are won and calculated.  Payouts may be based on combinations or coins.  There are also not any penalties for placing a small bet, so these are the best machine to pursue if your playing budget is extremely small.

Bonus multipliers are also very popular slots online.  These are similar to regular multipliers, but will offer a jackpot bonus when the maximum number of coins is played and the player hits a jackpot.

The basic decision to make for slot players is whether only one coin will be played each time, or if multiple coins will be played each time.  There are positive and negative aspects to each of these choices.

Playing extra coins will typically increase your jackpot amounts when a winning combination is hit.  Some types of machines may also allow your chances of winning to increase with each additional coin played.

These strategies are very different, however.  For example, if your possible jackpot is $1,000 and your chances of winning are 1:1,000, one game may increase the jackpot to $5,000 with an additional coin without changing your chances. 

Another game may increase your chances to 1:100 with additional coins, but not the jackpot.  Still, other machines may increase both or neither, so it’s important to understand how your chosen slot machine works and pays.