Why you Should Join a Slots Club

Whether you’re a beginning or seasoned slot player, enrolling in a slots club or rewards program will help you to accumulate monetary and free spin prizes.  Almost every advanced player online or in a live environment will suggest that you join one of these programs.

When you join a slots club or casino rewards program, the casino you’re playing in will automatically start to track your activity and wins.  Pre-specified levels are eventually rewarded with many sought-after rewards, and most of these programs are available with no fee requirements.

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You will typically receive a card when you join one of these clubs for a live casino.  Then, each time you play a slot machine, you will insert the card to track your wins and losses as well as your wagers.

Rewards are usually based on the number of visits to the casino, the amount of money wagered and won, and the types of machines visited.  In return, members may receive free spins or games, meals, and even bigger items like airfare, hotel stays and tickets to popular shows.

There are three types of slots clubs, including free, paid and online memberships.  There is no reason for a player not to join a free club: there is nothing to pay and rewards are given for no fee.  This type of membership may also present learning opportunities as you will be notified of upcoming specials and promotions, or free playing tips.

Paid memberships actually cost money and should require careful consideration.  What type of rewards are you receiving for your money?  Do you play often enough to validate the expense of a membership fee?

These membership fees are typically charged on a monthly basis, and can vary from only a few dollars to as much as a hundred dollars or more.  The validity of this expense is totally player-dependant. 

Those who play in tournaments or play often, or enjoy playing progressive slots may see a return on their investments.  Most of these paid members can receive free food and drink, as well as other larger rewards in return for paying for the membership.

If you are an online player, there is probably an online slots club that you can join through any number of sites and casinos.  However, the rewards must obviously differ somewhat.

Since you are not sitting in an establishment with live waitresses and a buffet aisle, rewards typically amount to free games or spins, credits, and rewards with online affiliates.  Online casinos also offer both free and paid versions of the clubs and rewards program to fit each player’s individual preferences.

If an online player is on the slots on a daily basis, paying a small fee for a paid membership may present several advantageous opportunities.  However, if they only play once or twice a month, that same membership fee money may be better utilized with more slot spins.  Memberships with online casinos may also be required if you plan on playing in a tournament or on a progressive slot machine.