Common Myths about Slot Machines

Whether you have never played slots or are a seasoned player, you have probably heard one or many myths about them at some time or another.  Some may not be quite correct, and some are just outright wrong.  Here, we’ll discuss some of the more common slot machine myths out there, and determine the actual truth.

Some may claim that slot machines, whether online or live, have a set pattern of numbers and spins that can be deciphered and predicted.  This is simply not true, due to the use of Random Number Generators that continually churn out random number combinations at the rate of millions per minute.

When one player leaves a slot machine and the next player hits the big jackpot, the first player may incorrectly believe that they could have won if they had stayed there longer.  However, due to the use of Random Number Generator technology, this would only happen if the first player spun the machine or pushed the button at the exact millisecond that the second player did.

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Due to the sheer speed and amount of number combinations generated, even the slightest hesitation in choosing to spin changes the result.  It is virtually impossible that any two people would time their turn at such a precise time to create the same winning combination.

Others believe that the longer they play a specific slot machine, the more likely they are to win.  This is completely false as well.  Playing one machine for any length of time does not mean that you are any closer to a win.

This is also due to the Random Number Generator.  Slot machines are never “due” for a winning combination, because the odds of winning are the same with each and every spin. 

When a slot machine pays out a huge jackpot, some potential players may not play it because they believe the machine is programmed to “make up” the money from the big win.  This is also untrue. 

Short term versus long term payouts are no different with slot machines.  The Random Number Generator is programmed to generate an average payout percentage over the period of millions of spins, so the odds are the same before and after the big jackpot.

Some theories claim that the slots pay more often if the player only wagers one coin at a time.  However, this strategy only affects the payout or jackpot.  The Random Number Generator doesn’t know how many coins you inserted, so the same spin will be produced no matter how many you wager in a spin.

However, the fewer coins you use, the less money you will win.  Also, you’ll want to check to see if you are playing a progressive slot.  If so, it may require you to bet the maximum in order to be eligible for the big jackpot.

Perhaps the largest myth is that casinos can and do control when the slot machines will hit.  However, they have no way to control the Random Number Generators, and only the machines will determine when the jackpot hits.