Which is Better, Online Slots or Live Slots?

If you are a seasoned slots player, you may have already played slots online.  You may also be wondering, if you’ve never played online, what differences you may expect.  Beginners sometimes also find that starting to play slots online gives ample opportunity to develop their own strategies and bankroll management practices.

Those who frequent live casinos consider the atmosphere a large part of their experience.  Colorful lights, loud machines, and cheers from tables with a player on a winning streak all contribute to this atmosphere.  However, not all live casinos are exciting all of the time, and you may find that you live much too far away to visit very often.

Best Online Slots Casinos

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All live casinos experience slower times of business when it may seem like no one is there.  This is a huge reason that novice and advanced players continue their gambling online, and slots are just as popular there as they are in the live casinos.

Slots are the most popular casino game no matter where you are.  Online or in a live casino, there are always more players at the slots versus the tables.  However, there are a few differences that need to be considered when playing online versus in a live casino.

It is suggested that everyone, beginners or experienced, spend some time studying the online slots before attempting to play them.  Some find that the gaming screens and rules can be confusing if this is not executed properly.  Without some study time, you may make a costly mistake by inadvertently playing a machine that progressively increases your bet without your knowledge.

In a live casino, slot players know that they can count on the explicit payout tables labeled on the machines.  They also know exactly what their wager is with each spin, and can easily track their losses and wins with tangible rewards.

However, online playing can save significant money in other areas, as well as add a certain level of comfort.  You can play slots online at any time of day wearing anything you want, and will never be bothered by a cocktail waitress or manager.

You will also save money on food and drink, as well as travel costs to actually get to the casino.  This could be a large incentive for those who do not live on the strip in Vegas!  You won’t have to drive or fly for hours, book and pay for a hotel room, and take time off from work to play the slots when you’re online.

Online casinos generally pay the same jackpots and payouts as their live counterparts.  The largest payouts and jackpots in either form of casino are with the progressive slots, which increase their jackpots with each added spin.

However, many live casinos may offer even bigger jackpots because they will network several progressive slots together.  All bets on each machine are used to add to the jackpot, and one winner is eligible for the jackpot.

It is suggested that every player, whether online or in a live casino, set a bankroll management strategy and schedule to avoid devastating losses.