Random Number Generators in Slot Machines (RNG's)

If you are new to playing slots, or have been playing in online casinos, you may have heard of Random Number Generators, or RNGs.  Many players don’t understand what the Random Number Generator is or is used for, but here we’ll attempt to answer some of those questions.

A Random Number Generator is basically the operating system of a slot machine.  It is a computer software program that continually generates random combinations of numbers that determine the combination of symbols reached on a machine’s screen.

These numbers each correspond to specific symbols on the machine, thus determining whether your spin will win or lose.  The Random Number Generator generates these numbers even when no one is playing the machine, and it simply stops when a spin is taken.

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There are some incorrect theories existing that claim the Random Number Generator actually uses a pattern to determine these numbers, and certain devices can predict when a machine is about to hit.  This is not true, however.  Although there have been many debates among mathematicians and gamblers, the Random Number Generator is always churning out numbers in a completely random manner.

In addition, many rules and regulations require audits of these machines to ensure the randomness of the Random Number Generator is correct and fair for all.  If the computer chip ever needs to be changed in a machine, many states and localities require an official to be present to witness and test the new Random Number Generator as well.

The Random Number Generator may be related to the microprocessor on your personal computer.  It uses a complicated algorithm that makes the chances of the same program hitting the same number at the same time virtually impossible, making it fair for all slot players.

These numbers are interchanging so quickly that any hesitation in choosing your time to spin can drastically change your results.  Some players have complained that once they leave a machine, the next player hits the jackpot.  This has nothing to do with the first player. 

They did not “ramp” the machine up and get it ready for the next player to win.  Every spin is totally by chance, and it is highly unlikely that if the first player stayed at the machine they would have chosen the exact same number combination as the second.

This technology is exact to even a millisecond, so a thousand different numbers and therefore symbol combinations are possible each second you’re sitting in front of a machine!  The biggest advantage to the use of Random Number Generator is that it directly led to the ability to play the slots online.

Random Number Generators are also used with online slot machines, creating just as equal and fair results as in the live casinos.  So, any theories that claim live machines offer different results than online slots are completely false.  You may rest easy that your chances of spinning the winning combination is just the same as if you were playing on the strip in Vegas.