Selecting the Right Slot Machine to Play

No matter what your personal playing style or level of experience is, choosing the correct slot machine to play may be one of the most important decisions when visiting a live or online casino.  Some players are risk-takers, some are conservative, some are high rollers, and some are low rollers. 

Each type of machine has various features that may or may not cater to any one of these characteristics during your play time.  It’s important to understand the differences between the types of slots available, as well as what type of player you are in order to choose the correct one for you.

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Traditional three reels, single paylines, multiple reels and paylines, and minimum bid machines all exist in virtually every casino.  Perhaps the first order of business when perusing the available slots is to examine the pay table for each machine.  Players should also pay attention to the instructions on the machine to determine if it best fits them.

You should also determine the type of payment required for the machine.  Does it require a “unit”, “token” or coin?  Each casino may use a different type of “coin” for the machines, and these need to be inserted in order to unlock the machine and play it.

Your bankroll will be the biggest factor in finding your correct slot machine.  Each player should set his or her bankroll to a comfortable amount for wagering.  Gambling does carry the risk of losing your bankroll, so this amount should not be higher than what you are willing to part with permanently.

If your bankroll is very small, you will most likely want to play the machines requiring only small bets.  Larger bankrolls may allow you a wider range of slots, as you’ll have more opportunity to wager higher amounts.

Now it’s time to consider the payout percentage of each machine you’re considering.  Software is used on each machine to set the probable returns for players on that specific machine.  The computer software used for this purpose is called Random Number Generation software.

This software continually provides a never-ending string of random numbers to the machine, even when it’s not being played.  When the spin button is hit, the software locks in on a series of numbers that computes where the reels should be stopped. 

Most casinos will have the payout percentages manually set somewhere between 75 and 98 percent, depending upon where it is located.  If you are a beginner or more advanced, a higher percentage means a better chance of winning.  This is especially true if you’re willing to commit the time and energy necessary to play it correctly.

A player must also determine how simple or complex they want their machine to be.  Beginners should probably stick with the simplest forms, and as they advance will eventually learn to play and wager on the more complex models.

First-time players should choose a three reel, single payline slot machine.  Advanced players may want to seek out a bonus or video game, and multipliers to increase their winnings.