Guide to Slots Tournaments

The casino game of slots is usually thought of as a solitary affair. Players compete against the laws of random chance and the machines, hoping to get the big payoff. The thrill can sometimes be turned into a social affair, however, and slot tournaments not only make the game much more people-oriented; they offer a great deal of fun and value. Some of the tournaments offer higher jackpots than do the machines individually along with other prizes, as well.

Typically, players in a slot tournament are given a fixed amount of credits which they must play within a set amount of time. At the end of that time limit, the player who has won the most money will be declared the winner and receive the set prize. The payouts from the machines are typically not awarded; they count toward the player's overall score.

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Because this is a timed game, players need to concentrate on keeping the wheels spinning and on spending all of their credits within the time allotted. These tournaments may only run for typical lengths of 20 to 30 minutes but, considering that every payout consumes time while the machine processes, those minutes tend to go by very fast. Good slot tournament players are very focused, not paying attention to how their competitors are faring while they're working to spend the entirety of their own credits. The tally is left for the conclusion of the game. While the game is on, all attention is given to the player's assigned machine.

Slot tournaments can be very intense affairs. One must actually develop some skill at pressing the button to set the machine spinning as quickly as possible. This timing is something that comes with practice and many of the people who manage to win slot tournaments aren't differentiated from their peers by luck but by their developed skills at working the machines.

Getting involved in a slot tournament can involve a "pay for play" type arrangement where one simply pays an entry fee or an "invitation only" affair where a particular casino invites frequent players to participate. The tournaments that charge entry fees typically pay back the entirety of the fees in prizes to the winner of the tournament. One can actually calculate the approximate payout by multiplying the entry fee by the number of participants, in these cases. The "invitation only" tournaments are more elite affairs, generally reserved for those customers the casino truly values and who tend to be the biggest winters among their clientele.

Slot tournaments are an enjoyable way to add another dimension to the game. If one happens to have an affinity for betting against the "one armed bandit", these tournaments are often ways that they can improve their odds of coming home with some winnings in their pockets. The tournaments are typically offered by most casinos. Not only are they great fun for the casino's slot machine fans; they're a way for the casino to draw more business to their establishment.