How to Win at Slots

There are several methods touted online and in gaming books that claim to increase slot machine winnings and stuff your pocket full of money before calling it quits.  However, not all of these methods will be best utilized for every type of slot, so it’s probably a good idea to research the type of slot you’ll be playing.

Some experts claim that playing the maximum coins will increase your winnings.  On the contrary, there are specific machines and situations where this should be practiced, and others where it should not.  You may only need to play one coin at a time to hit your jackpot.  Following is a list of other common tips for winning at slots:

Multicoin or multiline machines should only be played with one coin on each line.  Most players will see this type quite often in live and online casinos in the U.S.  These machines are almost always “straight multipliers” on their payouts.  This means that the number of coins bet on a line is multiplied by the winning combo to determine your winnings.

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On progressive machines, you should always play the maximum number of coins each time you play.  This will allow you to win the progressive jackpot; otherwise, you’re just increasing the jackpot without increasing your chances of winning.  Always max out your coins on each progressive play.

With straight multipliers, you should only play one coin at a time.  This is because the pay and hit frequency never change with the number of coins you play.  Increasing the number of coins used does not increase your winnings and simply risks more money.

Bonus multipliers should also only be played with one coin at a time.  This is due to the fact that chances of hitting the winning combination that pays is extremely small.

Always play the maximum number of coins on “buy-a-pays”.  Experts claim that this increases the payback and pay frequency.  Each additional coin played adds a new winning combination, which increases your chances of winning.

If you’re playing a hybrid machine, play only the number of coins needed to activate all winning combos.  This is because most hybrids are multipliers, and it is very seldom worth the extra coins in a multiplier.

Hidden buy-a-pays should be played with the maximum number of coins.  Many times, the machine will activate a feature upon playing the last coin, resulting in a payback of over 100%.

Using a table that outlines your winning strategies will help you to determine how to play each slot you choose to approach or download online.  Players are also encouraged to continually research new strategies and practice to determine which methods work for them.
Winning at slots requires method, patience and concentration.  Mindlessly playing slots will rarely produce big results, and many times will add the stress of lost coins.  Always attempt each type of slot machine before determining your favorite to play for return trips to your live or online casino.