King of the Decks Video Poker

Video poker has an impressive array of incarnations.  Games like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Jokers Wild are very popular in both real world casinos and online gambling venues.  However, King of the Deck is a game rapidly gaining popularity, largely because of the progressive pot and the high likelihood of playable hands.  Another name for King of the Decks is Five-Card Frenzy.

Unlike other games, King of the Decks uses 5 standard 52 card decks, rather than only a single deck of cards.  This means that it is possible to easily get a winning hand.  The minimum winning hand is two pair; however, players will rarely only have two pair, with five of a kind a distinct possibility even without the use of wild cards.  In addition, due to the increased ease of gaining a winning hand, the odds are significantly lower in this game than in other video poker games, decreasing the amount of a winning hand.  Thus, the progressive jackpot was instituted on $1 and $5 games, though even this can be small compared to traditional winnings.

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The only way to win the progressive jackpot is to get five kings of clubs. This has the benefit of increasing the pot significantly. This game can be played with a wide array of coin denominations, ranging from 5 cents all the way up to $5.  Betting less than 25 cents is not recommended.  The best coin denominations to bet are 25 cents, 50 cents, $1, $2 and $5; these will give you the chance to earn the best payout on your game.

Game play is the same as any other video poker machine.  Even though the game makes use of five different decks of cards, the player is still dealt 5 cards to a hand.  The basic rules are the same as Five Card Draw.  After you choose the amount you with to bet, your hand will be displayed on the screen.  As with other versions of the game, each card has a Hold/Cancel button below it. To keep a card, simply press the hold button.  To cancel a hold, simply press the Hold/Cancel button again and it will be discarded.

Once you have decided on the cards you wish to keep, you must press the Deal/Draw button and you will be dealt your final hand.  Your winnings will be determined by the grade of your hand compared to the pay table for the machine.  Five kings of clubs is the highest paying hand, which wins the progressive jackpot, and the lowest paying hand is two pairs.  Other combinations are the same as most standard video poker games, with the exception of the five of a kind hand (which is similar to Deuces Wild and Jokers Wild).

Most experienced gamblers prefer to play games with higher odds (and higher payouts) than King of the Decks.  Jacks or Better is still the most popular video poker game, and offers a relatively high payout depending on the pay table of the machine.