Video Poker Myths

Video poker is an enormously popular game in every casino in the US.  It has also found its way into grocery stores and other nontraditional gambling venues in many areas. While the game may be enormously popular, a number of myths have grown up surrounding these machines. These myths range from mildly humorous to completely absurd.  Every video poker myth has a basis in something that actually happens, but has simply been misperceived.  Here are the most popular myths and the accompanying truth.

Myth – Video poker machines become "due" for a big payout the longer they go without one.
Truth – The odds of hitting a big payout are the same whenever you play a video poker machine. The game is completely random, so it doesn’t matter when the last payout was.

Myth – Some machines are "loose" and have better odds of hitting more often.
Truth – Machines that hit more often are simply played more often.  The odds of hitting a particular payout are the same on every machine.

Myth – Avoid a machine that has just made a big payout.
Truth – Again, the odds are the same whenever you play a video poker machine, whether it has just paid out big, or hasn't hit in a month.

Myth – My hand was stolen!
Truth – When one player leaves and another player immediately hits it big on the same machine, it does not mean that the original player was due for a hit.  It simply means that the odds (the RNG) favored that particular hand at that particular time.

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Myth – If you play faster, the machine pays out more money.
Truth – This is actually true, though it is only because your are hitting hands faster.  The machine would pay out the same amounts no matter how fast you put your money in and hit the Deal button.

Myth – Hot and cold coins make a difference to the machine.
Truth – The video poker machine cannot tell whether a coin is hot or cold.  The minute fraction that metal expands and contracts to to heat and cold is not enough to influence anything.  If it did, it would simply reject the coin as being the wrong size for the machine.

Myth – Maximum bets lose more frequently.
Truth – Winning and losing has nothing to do with the amount of money you bet.  However, making maximum bets does allow you to win larger amounts when you do win.

Myth – Some machines are "tight" and should be avoided.
Truth - Once more, the odds of winning are the same no matter what machine you play on.  There are no "tight" machines; these are simply video poker machines that have not been used as much as one perceived to be "loose."

Myth – Casinos rig machines to payout only at certain times or in certain amounts.
Truth – The casino has no control over when the machine hits.  They can, however, reduce the payout amount.  Check the pay table on the machine before playing and you'll be better prepared for this eventuality.