Online vs Live Video Poker

Video poker is currently the fifth most popular casino game in the world, trailing only Slots, Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette. Like many other casino games, video poker machines can be found at both land based casinos as well as virtual online casinos. The goal of this article is to compare online video poker to live video poker, so you as a player can decide which version is better for you.

Advantages of Online Video Poker

Online video poker holds many advantages over live video poker, namely the fact that online video poker is more convenient, affordable, and private.

Convenience is the main appeal of online casinos. You can literally wake up in the morning and hop on your computer to play without showering, brushing your teeth, or even putting on clothes. There are not any other customers that you have to deal with, or employees you have to talk to. Also, most casinos accept credit card deposits and provide check withdrawals, so moving your money around is fast and simple. Some casinos are even allowing players to play for real money right from their cell phone!

Also, online casinos tend to be much more affordable than going to a land based casino. You don’t have to get in your car and drive (wasting gas money), stay overnight at a casino (wasting hotel money), or tip dealers, cocktail waitresses, or other employees (wasting tip money). All of your money goes directly to the games, so you’ll be able to play longer and have more of a chance at a big jackpot.

Privacy is the final advantage of online casinos. Many video poker players don’t like others to know they gamble, and it really is inappropriate for others to be snooping in your business. When you play at an online casino there is never any worry about this, because you are playing from the privacy of your home. At a live casino there is always the chance that you bump into someone you know, which can be embarrassing for some people.

If online sounds like the way to go, check out this list of online video poker casinos.

Advantages of Live Video Poker

Although online holds some big advantages, live video poker has some advantages of its own. Most importantly, live video poker is more social, and can be more profitable if you’re a serious player.

The social aspect of going to a casino is really the main draw for many people. You get to dress up, drive out to the casino, and meet tons of new people if you so choose. Regular casino players get to know the dealers, other players, pit bosses, and even the casino manager. If you’re a social person you’ll definitely prefer playing at a live casino than being cooped up in your house playing on your computer.

Profitability is a very serious advantage if you’re trying to win at video poker. Many online casinos choose to offer low pay versions of games, meaning that the payout percentages are deflated so the casino can increase the house edge. The same goes for many of the strip casinos in Las Vegas. They know they’re the best casino in town, so they don’t care what odds they offer. However, some of the off strip casinos in Vegas are willing to offer full pay versions of games to attract customers to their property. Some of these games actually can pay out over 100% if you’re using perfect video poker strategy. That is one huge advantage for a video poker player who is trying to make some money.