Progressive Video Poker Machines

Progressive jackpots have an alluring sound; they promise an enormous amount of money to one lucky player.  However, understanding progressive machines is vital to making the wisest bets and developing the best video poker strategy.  So, let's take a look at what these machines really are.

A progressive machine is actually a bank of machines, all linked together. The bank normally consists of 10, 12 or more machines connected by cables and computer software.  Each time a bettor places a wager, a small portion of that wager is dedicated to the progressive pot.  If the casino is slow, it can take quite some time for the progressive jackpot to grow.  Playing when the jackpot is at a low amount is not a wise strategy.  The winning hand for a progressive jackpot is usually a royal flush, but only if the maximum number of coins was used to place the bet.

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How do you know when the game is viable?  What's the jackpot amount that offers the best payout odds and amounts?  Just over 8,500 is the perfect amount for the game.  After that amount, the amount grows, offering better odds.  Getting into the game at this point is the best option for those hoping to win that seductive progressive pot.

What types of machines have progressive pots?  Usually, casino link 8/5 machines for progressive jackpot games, with payout tables that are the same as standard machines.  The only difference is the progressive jackpot.  This is one of the few games where a single jackpot can have positive return expectation.  Before the optimal point of entry, the payout percentage is around 97%, but rises steadily after the progressive pot hits the optimal amount.

Remember, with progressive machines, you are actually playing against other player.  Unlike standard games, it is possible for someone else to hit that jackpot before you.  This can lead to very unpredictable games, with fierce competition, even for an 8/5 game.  The best way to bet on progressive machines is to have separate strategies for 9/6 machines and 8/5 machines.  Because the games are so very different, you will need a plan for each.  If you find yourself faced with 6/5 progressive machines, it is usually best to simply walk away.  The progressive jackpot must hit astronomical amounts for the game to be worth playing, so most gamblers with a good understanding of the game will leave these machines alone.

If you find yourself staring at a bank of progressive machines that pays 102%, you'll likely not find a seat at a machine.  If you do, you must stay as long as your bankroll will hold out or you will not regain your seat.  These machines are heavily favored by professional gamblers and gambling teams who will spot each other on the machine before giving the seat up to a stranger.  This is actually a very sound strategy for gamblers who understand the rules of video poker and have developed the correct strategy for 9/6 and 8/five machines.