Click2Pay for Online Casinos

Click2Pay provides 24/7 access to your money online, from anywhere with a friendly customer service department who is always available to assist you. Click2Pay is one of the easiest ways we’ve found to transfer money in an array of currencies to your online gambling account, no matter where you play at. However, Click2Pay is not a valid option for US players. It is, though, a great option for non-US users to transfer funds online.


Click2Pay isn’t only useful for online casinos; they have thousands of online merchants from all over the world that you can do transactions with via Click2Pay. The benefit being, you do not have to provide your personal banking information with numerous online casinos. You will only have to give that information to Click2Pay, one time. You will also save the headache of unpredictable credit card rejections because Click2Pay disassociates you from any proof to the credit card companies of online gambling.

Also, use one payment method at multiple online casinos. Most reputable online gambling sites offer Click2Pay as a transfer option, so you’ll be covered no matter where you play.

Best Click2Pay Casinos

  Site Bonus Match US Play Now
1 William Hill Casino OnBling Casino $3250 200% USA Play Now
2 Win Palace Casino Win Palace Casino $3000 200% USA Play Now
3 Slotland Casino Casino Titan $4000 200% USA Play Now
4 PKR Casino Loco Panda Casino $3000 300% USA Play Now


Opening a Click2Pay account is simple and free. Just visit and register. Once you create an account, you will receive a phone call from the Click2Pay Service Team within 3 minutes to verify your information and set up your personal spending limit, so make sure you are available during this time. Also, if you have privacy detectors in place on your phone line, you may have to disable them to receive the call.

Your spending limit will be indicated by your “Star Rating.” This is the max amount you can transfer within a 7-day period. This 7-day period is based on all prior transactions made within the previous 7 days of activity. In other words, it doesn’t start over every Monday, for instance. Your spending limit amount will refresh 7 days after you make a successful transaction.

Note that you will not have to actually fund your Click2Pay account prior to making a transfer and playing at an online casino. You will be covered on all transactions, up to you Star Rating. Within a few days after you make a transfer, your bank account or credit card will be debited by Click2Pay—not by the online casino. If you do use a credit card, though, you will be charged a 3% transaction fee. To avoid this, use a direct transfer (ACH), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or a direct debit from your bank account to back your Click2Pay account. These other options are 100% free and encrypted for security.

Once you have successfully created a Click2Pay account, visit the website of the online casino you wish to transfer money to. Choose Click2Pay as your preferred method of payment. Your email address will serve as your username that you will be required to enter upon transferring funds. You will also need your 16-digit Personal Account Number, or PAN. You can locate your PAN by logging in to and visiting the “History” section of on the first page you come to after you login. At the online casino, you will also be asked to enter the amount that you wish to transfer. After you submit your request, funds will then be available within the online casino immediately.

Just as easily as you can fund your favorite online casino, you can also make withdrawals from your Click2Pay account. Request an EFT directly to your bank account or receive a check, though checks can take anywhere from one to three weeks to get back to you, and there is a $2 fee on checks. EFT is free and comes through within 48 hours of withdrawal.

All of your transactions are easily accessible in real time via the “Transactions” tab on the menu bar within your Click2Pay account.

Use your Click2Pay account to download music, order online subscriptions, download media content, and other entertainment purposes, in addition to funding your online casino account. And for online casino players who like to jump from casino to casino, Click2Pay is one of the most widely accepted payment options at most online casinos, so you can deposit at a new casino every day with absolutely no hassle.

Customer Support

Telephone for International Users: +49 180 5 113090